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  • one major step in breaking up big media control
  • There are 3 problems with this beta firefox addon.
    1: If you click on the kindleit button and switch tabs, the kindleit overlay disappears (different than in chrome). So you miss the "Sent!" confirmation if you switch tabs waiting for it to send the article.
    2: The email address field is narrower than in chrome and I can't see the whole address.
    3: No way to put the button on the main toolbar.
    Ponzonik, many thanks for the feedback. All very good points. We are going to start work on an updated extension very soon to bring this in line with the Chrome extension.

    To address your points specifically:

    1. In the new version we will be loading the panel URL in your current tab, the same way it works with the Chrome extension.

    2. The email address being narrower is something we'll have to look into.

    3. Toolbar button is something else we're going to try and do as many are reporting the icon in the add-on bar disappears occasionally.
  • It works and has a snazzy icon, but was needlessly hard to setup because I could not figure out what they meant about "approved addresses". It took me forever to figure out that I was supposed to go to www.amazon.com/myk and sign into my kindle account THERE and set it up to allow me to get kindle downloads from kindle@fivefilters.org and/or the other email addresses I use (which didn't happen to be the one I use to sign into my Amazon account.) But now that I have it working I'll be sending larger stuff to read offline instead of printing it out. Yay for saving trees!
  • Nice work :-)
  • Great addon, I use it to download pages I would like to read on my Kindle as .epub documents. I didn't use the "send to Kindle" options but it works great for my simple use.