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  • I've got installed the addon some years ago, so I decided to install it again, but addon didn't work. There's nothing happens when I click addon's icon.

    6 min later.
    Sorry for first part of my message. I've got some results. If I'm logged in Firefox account (not only for sync, but manual login) your addon works fine, but if I just ran Firefox and began surfing it doesn't work.
    Hi there, I'm afraid we can't reproduce this. The extension should not be affected by whether you're logged into your Firefox account or not. But it will be affected if the page you're on when you click our toolbar icon is not a regular web page. (E.g clicking our toolbar icon on a blank page - about:blank - will have no effect.)
  • Very useful
  • Good add-on. It would be even better if you add options to send selected text and images to Kindle, as it is done in the original add-on from Amazon (which, unfortunately, stopped working with Firefox 45).
    Something we'll look into, thanks. In the mean time you can use our Paste Pad to do that - copy some text/images and paste into Paste Pad then click Push to Kindle


    Not as convenient as having it built into the extension, but still an option. :)
  • Gracias por la extensión
  • Fantastic. The Amazon send to kindle app has stopped working but this one does the trick. As another reviewer has mentioned, you need to add their 'send from' email address to your allowed list in your "Manage Devices" section on Amazon.
  • I tried Amazon's Send to Kindle and it didn't work. So I tried this one. At first it didn't seem to work. Then I got an email from Amazon that someone was trying to send a document to my kindle but it wasn't on the approved email list and instructions on how to register the email address. After following the instructions to register the email the test page I tried to send to my Kindle (basic E-Reader) showed up on my device and I had no trouble accessing it. Very cool! Now, if add-on's instructions could just tell us we have to register the products email for the Kindle device and how to do it it would be perfect.
  • This is an excellent product! I use it all the time. However, I changed the email address for another Kindle and now I can't get rid of the previous one. I have tried the "Reset" link but, next time, it doesn't remember the new one (and I clicked on "remember Me"). Again, it's a great product. I just hate to have to re-enter my email address each time. (And I have uninstalled and reinstalled it.)
  • instead of readability or official kindle addon this extension does much better job with article (saves ALL the photos, better handling of paragraphs etc).

    3 years after: still working just fine. some articles may not get parsed well, but it's site fault, you can always paste plain text from the site itself.
  • I love this addon, thank you. To make it perfect, is there a way to just have a one click push to kindle on the icon instead of also having to click send?
  • It feels like easy to use!
    And thx for making this addon, I don't know why the others wanna use chrome for "send to kindle", because I found it is good enough
  • Great. I used to use the Send to Kindle official app, but as well as it usually hanged and I didn't know if it had sent or not the article, this one is fast, does not fail and though lacks the possibility of sending without previewing I loose much less time overall.
  • Other e-readers like Pocketbook work on the exact same mail principle. So would you mind implementing a Push-to-Pocketbook option? Only the email host name differs from the Kindle one (username@pbsync.com for Pocketbook). Thanks
    Thank you for you reply and for the good news. But maybe you should mention this on the addon page itself as well, or even rename the addon ;) . Thanks again
    Hi Klint, thanks for the review. Just wanted to say that this is already supported. Where you see @free.kindle.com in the form, you can click it and you'll get a list of alternative options, including @pbsync.com.
  • wonderful!
  • fast, perfect, highly useful. Essential for longform articles and lets me get off the web knowing i won't miss anything and i will enjoy reading it later
  • makes readability infinitely better. is there any chance that it will be available on thunderbird? there are plenty of long emails i'd like to read on my kindle. thanks again.
    Thanks Chiara. We have no plans yet for a Thunderbird extension, but will consider it. One workaround is to copy the email message and paste it into our Paste Pad tool: http://pastepad.fivefilters.org/ - this will then let you send it to your Kindle.

    Appreciate the feedback.
  • This is actually the only addon apart from AdBlock that does its job how it was meant to be done. It's perfect.
  • Great, and greater than other tools I tried. It makes what it is made to do, and in the best way to do it.

    I have a question, or maybe a recommandation: how can we send the comments below the article we push to Kindle ? It always cuts them off.

    Thank you !
  • One of the most annoying things on web is the amount of misc adds" above, below, in the middle of websites, redirecting your attention from article you've actually came to read, every possible way .... stop digging - start reading, now or later, on Kindle or PC could be Kindle It slogan, as it (! one-click not DIY !) stripes down all irrelevant and the rest can be sent either directly to your eBook reader or saved\printed as PDF via your PC.

    Thanks - You make my day (several times each day)
  • Awesome! Very simple and effective. Thank you!
  • This a really a great tool. It has a android app aswell. This tool, in combination with readitlater, will help you to keep updated and read comfortably any kind of blog or news.
  • If you have a kindle, install this extension next. Initially, I thought Kindle was for reading only books. But this extension changed my perception completely and I now read blogs, news and other stuff on my kindle.

    I haven't used any other similar extension... I guess there is no need to look around. Its almost perfect.

    Wish if it could also support web site logins.
    Thanks for the review, LK. Glad you're finding the extension useful. As for sites that require login - we're working on it. In the meantime however you can use our paste pad to make that content available to our web tools. It requires manually copying and pasting, so not as easy as the one click approach, but it's one way to get inaccessible content into the tool. http://pastepad.fivefilters.org
  • WebコンテンツをE-mail経由でKindleデバイスに転送する拡張です.

    当初は日本語対応に問題があって頻繁に文字化けが発生していましたが、こまめにバグレポートを送ってるとその都度対応してくれたおかげで,今ではほとんど発生しなくなりました.UI こそ日本語化されていませんが操作は簡単ですし,英語が読めない日本人Kindleユーザーにもお勧めの拡張です.
  • Great addon. Now I spend hours reading in my kindle instead of my laptop.

    Only one problem: keyboard shortcut is the same as "web console" that is embedded in firefox.
    Hi there, thanks a lot for the review. Just a quick update to say the latest version (1.5) has the keyboard shortcut disabled by default. The keyboard shortcut can now be set from the addon's options page (visible when you view your installed addons in Firefox). There are 4 shortcuts to choose from now (one of which does not conflict with any built-in shortcuts).
  • A must have for kindle owner. But could you please make an option to hide the icon on the menu bar? For me the keyboard shortcut is good enough. Thanks in advance!

    update: I also found that the email address could not be saved so I need to type/choose it every time. I could not find a setting for this.
    Thanks for the feedback. Not being able to hide the icon is an issue we're working on. It should be fixed in the next release.

    As for the email address not being saved, please check the following:

    * Make sure Javascript is enabled - if you use something like NoScript, you should add an exception for fivefilters.org.

    * Ensure local storage (an HTML5 feature) is enabled - it should be by default. We use it to save the email address. See http://stackoverflow.com/a/7358969/407938 to check whether it's enabled or not.

    Let us know if you still have trouble.
  • I've tried other similar services, such as Send to Kindle bookmarklet by Klip.me and SENDtoREADER bookmarklet and found that KIndle It is the best. It can handle pages that the other two can't and the web pages are nicely formatted, much better than the other two.