84 reviews
  • Great at what it does. Simple and easy to use. No registration required.
  • A great extension! I find it easier to read on the Kindle, and this does the job perfectly.

    It's made by a group that's critical of the media and who keeps their eyes on the engine, another bonus!
  • wow nice extension!!!
  • It works great.
  • Great, much much better than Amazon official plugin (available for chrome). It works well for articles published by various journals as well as wikipedia articles!
  • I frequently use this add-on to send various news articles or opinion pieces to my paperwhite. Even though sometimes its feature 'remember me' cookie does not work (it could be due to one of privacy add-ons that I have), but it works as expected. I had no problem with it so far. Plus, if I have encounter a paywall (which is rare), this add-on sometimes circumvents this problem as well.
  • This extension has made reading web content on kindle much easier. Greater idea, great implementation!
  • It's an excellent add on, text detection and formatting is good as well. But for sending PDF files without a name (I have many documents on my kindle with "PDF" and "converted PDF" as filename) bugs me and I hope this will be updated with an option to chose a doc name.
  • Very good addon - thanks a lot. Only thing lacking is some options to format text before sending. Any chance this could be possible in future update?
  • The first and only time I tried to use the service, it didn't work. Nothing appeared on my kindle and nothing appeared on my "manage devices" page. Complete silence.
  • i like it ,thanks.
  • I installed Push To kindle but it didn't place an icon in the top right, so I can't use it
  • Works great. Perfect alternative to the broken Amazon add-on.
  • Doesn't work on Firefox android. Why?
    Hi there, sorry about that. We recently converted the addon to the new WebExtensions format that Mozilla is moving to. When we submitted it, it was marked as compatible with all platforms (including Android). Having looked into it now, it appears this is not the case. According to Mozilla docs, "Add-ons that work with desktop Firefox do not automatically work in Firefox for Android" - https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/Firefox_for_Android

    I've just removed Android from the compatibility section. Hopefully this gets reflected on the site and it's no longer shown as compatible.

    We do offer Push to Kindle as an Android app that's compatible with Firefox and other browsers and apps (we are placed as an option in the list of 'share' destinations). I think it's a better option for mobile as it's designed to be used from small devices. It is, however, not free like this extension.