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  • The most important feature for me is that it's support right to left languages like Persian. Thank you!
  • All the other "send or push to kindle" methods dont work but this one. I am very very grateful for this app! Thanks!!
  • I've been using this app for a long time and it was a big reason for my sticking with my kindle as a reading device. However, the inability to utilise the footnote function (where readers can touch/select a footnote in a page and it will appear at the bottom of the page) rather than having to go all the way to the end of the document, is a real shortcoming. I'm familiar with arguements against footnotes - i.e. that they are a distraction, but if an author inculdes them in a text it is surely because they think it important and it is then up to the reader whether s/he divert her attention from the body of the text to read the footnote or not. In any case, having to go to the back of the document to read them is a much greater distraction. It would make this addon that much more useful-- perfect, even, if it had this feature.
  • Thank you! Works great.
  • Thanks for this great app! A couple of notes:
    - It would be great to have a setting which would let us leave links within the text since Kindle has a built-in browser
    - Sometimes problems happen with non-latin texts. For example, only a small portion is shown for this article: https://gorky.media/context/istoriki-boyatsya-matematikov-iz-za-fomenko/
  • hope app could be better. thanks
    a lot
  • This add-on requires ‘read all content on all pages’ privilege, when it literally just appends the current page's URL to their own service's, and redirects you there:

    e.g. http://fivefilters.org/kindle-it/send.php?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F

    This definitely should not need the permissions it demands, unless it's doing something malicious.
    [2018-09-03: Update to the below, having looked into it some more: When we released the extension, there was no way to achieve what the extension does without requesting permissions that would cause Firefox to display the ominous warning you object to. It has since become possible to request access to the tab only when a user interacts with the add-on. See https://developer.chrome.com/extensions/activeTab for an explanation. We have updated the add-on accordingly. But I want to stress that the add-on was never doing anything "malicious", as you suggest above. When we originally released the add-on, before the introduction of the new permission, there was simply no way to implement what we wanted without incurring that permission warning.]

    Hi there, you're right that the add-on really only just appends the current tab's URL to our Push to Kindle URL when the user clicks our toolbar button. The new URL is:

    https://pushtokindle.fivefilters.org/send.php?url=[current tab url]

    I think the ‘read all content on all pages’ warning Firefox shows you is really just letting you know that the permissions for the extension allow us to do more than what we're currently doing. But of course we understand the concern. We certainly don't want to be giving the impression that we're reading people's content when we're not. I'm pretty certain the permissions we require for this simple add-on to function (ie. to get the tab URL of the current page you're viewing when you click our toolbar button) have always displayed this rather stark warning.

    But I'm curious if with recent WebExtension developments we can now achieve the same thing without requiring the permissions that generate this warning. We'll take a look soon. If we can do it, of course we'll reduce the permissions.