Push to Kindle 1.7.1

Privacy Policy

When you click the Kindle icon or invoke it via the keyboard shortcut, this add-on sends only the URL of the current tab you have open to the Kindle It service. The Kindle It service then makes its own request for content at that URL and shows you a preview of what it thinks is the content block.

So if the URL you are viewing does not point to publically accessible content, we will not be able to retrieve it. For example, if you invoke Kindle It while you're reading an email on GMail, or viewing your bank statement, that content will not be accessible to the Kindle It service.

Content that the Kindle It service retrieves will be cached on the server for a short period. We do not store/cache the supplied email address on the server once the Kindle document has been sent to Amazon for delivery to your Kindle. The remember checkbox uses local storage on your browser.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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