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it is a good idea and an okay addon but i guess it needs some improvement to be used better.

-maybe an option to ignore the focused/active tab and only stop spinners of inactive/background tabs
-it would be nice if the addon could detect is the tab currently really loading something like an image or javascript or css etc and kill the progress if it finds it idles. maybe options for selecting exactly the content that it is allowed to load and the content where loading will be killed. maybe the application can also do something like detect overall download speed and if there is no download (or upload) progress (after a defined timeout), kill the spinner.

the problem i am having is that i am on a slow connection but i do get idle tabs that hang sometimes. the idea of stopping these background idle tabs from hogging my connections and network speed is nice but the problem is that i will sometimes also open multiple tabs in background from a heavy site and these will need much, much time to finish loading. but the addon would just kill them without much process. maybe an advanced version of the addon could be made that will detect the progress of content that is being downloaded and after the idle time seams hopeless, brake the link.

the addon is fine the way it is but i figure it wouldn't hurt to add some ideas that could be used for further the moment, i cannot use this much on my connection but other then that, im sure this can be a useful addon in certain situations. i apreciate the effort : )

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thanks for the detailed review

i'll consider exuding current tab and checking for multiple loads...
for now you can increase the delay time or add exception for slow sites...