Fantastic Addon with ability to be a top Firefox extension Rated 3 out of 5 stars

This add-on has proven to be very effective against 95% of the annoying livejasmin pop-under windows I have come across. And I appreciate that very very much and thank you for this. But I do not understand how to effectively add more sites to it. Is the ' l ' character (typed between sites added to be filtered) an Upper Case i, or Lower Case L, or number 1, or something else? Does it have spaces between it and the filtered sites or is it typed all together? I see no clear example or explanation of how to add sites to be filtered to this extension. It would be nice to see such an example or instruction on the killjasmin addon page or on a new tab opened after it is installed and / or updated giving instruction as many other addons do.

This add-on has the potential of becoming wildly popular and highly touted as THE POP UNDER KILLER!!! - immediately a 5 star extension worthy of being added permanently to Firefox or just outright paying for! That is IF it were more polished and user friendly, with improvements similar to if not exactly like the following:

1. When going to options to add a site to kill, it would be much more user friendly if there was a blank ADD FILTER BAR to type in or paste to it with an add button at the end of it. When you click on that add button, it asks for the filter name of the string you just added or pasted: For example type 'livejasmin' and press enter. It then adds the name of the new filter alphabetically to a list of other filters within a scrolling box placed under the "ADD FILTER BAR". And of course built in ability to highlight any of those filters and easily remove selected one(s) for whatever reason. Another sweet option would be the ability of right clicking (when not disabled by the site) on an offending pop under and choosing in the context menu to: ADD SITE TO KILLJASMIN. in which it automatically adds that pop-under URL to a filter in the background and then asks for a filter name in a pop-up box with a blank space in which I type it in press enter and the pop-up box disappears while it adds the new filter to the list and then kills the pop-under..

2. The 30 characters to check a windows URL has been effective, but what happens when livejasmin and other site pop-under creators learn of this and add 31 or more characters to render this extension useless (is that the reason that it works 95% of the time and not 100% for me now?) What about adding the option of adding * wildcards (asterisks before and after site name in URL ( for example: http://*livejasmin* or just *livejasmin* is typed into the blank ADD FILTER BAR) meaning anything in a url (doesn't matter if its 30 characters or 1000 characters) that contains what is typed between those asterisks will result in a pop-under with that string of characters being killed. therefore closing the 31 or more character or other loopholes that sites could use to bypass this extension in its current build.

With these type of user friendly improvements to this much needed extension added, this pop-under killer would be 5 star worthy and worth paying for to have! And of course a huge recommendation of having it altered to do all types of pop-ups and pop-unders added to firefox's automated popup defense it currently runs making it a delight to browse again.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.1).