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  • I have no complaints whatsoever about Kidzui; easy to use, fun, worry-free, and free. I love it and my daughter loves it, we will be using ad enjoying it for years to come. Thanks!

  • The KidZui is an awesome add-on. This add-on can protect your children from dangerous website and violent pictures and also help preventing kids from accidentally deleting file. Parents will worry less about their children while surfing on the internet and they will have more time to work. This program contains many games that children are interested; they can play lots of safe and useful games. Other advantages for this add-on are free of charge and the small file size that parent can download and use it and easily to install.
    However, this add-on has disadvantages. One of the disadvantages is password requirement. You should log in before use this add-on that parent should help their children in this step because children don't know what is log in step and this add-on also work only with Firefox. And this add-on uses more process to run, which will make your computer run slowly.

  • The Kidzui is a program about blocking website. It is a good program and has a good efficiency. For this program, the intelling is easy and quickly. You can cilck and click for intelling. This program has ability to block some webbsite that the family unwish to child. It help screening for the correct useing of child. The body of program has many color and beautiful so it help attracting child that they want to use program. This program can link anther web that proper to child for example Game ,Muisc ,and Feature. Real parents and teachers review content for KidZui so your kids can surf independently. And the important, it expand your kids online experience.
    However, this program has disadvantage. This program limits about opening website for age. In other words , for older children can open some website. So the older children have maturity for opening. Besides it has the most limit about Game. Can say that this program can play a litter game.

  • Very good add-on for kids. Though, I think it’s not going to keep them for long for my older kid, but for now, it’s gonna work for little ones. This thing saves my time for finding appropriate site for kids, and worrying about all the links that maybe kids will accidently click onto. You know, some kids’ games sites may have creative games, but there are still some advertisements and links that I don’t want my kids to stumble into. Also, many sites don’t categorize the suitable ages of the games, and mix the shooting games with others! That’s terrible for young kids.

    Just saying, I have downloaded both the add-on for firefox, and the application, and I think that why download an add-on when the application one is more easy to use. With the add-on, I have to register for a new account for the kids, but with the application (downloaded directly through kidzui.com ‘s site), I simply click on the shortcut and let my kids surf the internet freely.

  • It's realy good program for prevent your kids from terrible websites. You can do another work when your kids are surf the internet and you can sure that they can’t visit the terrible websites. It’s reduce your work.This program is easy to install and use. The installation is not complicated.You just click “next” and “finish” to install program. If you want to open this program to work , you will just click program icon. These are enough for prevent your kids from websites that you don’t want they to visit.
    However , everthing has a disadvantage. This program is not perfect. The filter of program is overblock. Your kids can’t finish the report because this program block the source websites that have some terrible word but It’s not terrible websites. Moreover , while this program is tasking , Another program that you use will slowly. Your kids may be sleep because of this program.

  • The KidZui is an awesome add-on! It is completely safe for every kid. Also, this add-on is easy to install especially for its free price - this is one of the advantages the add-on has. Another advantage of this add-on is that the add-on has already provided those kids from a complete interface and blocked out lots of undesirables, so parents seem to worry less about their kids opening any harmful websites, or accidentally deleting those important files. The add-on is a good choice for those parents who do not have enough time to take care of their kids. It is not complicated to use so parents like this add-on. And the kids love this add-on because it contains lots of games.
    The add-on also has some disadvantages. One of them is that it is available for Windows PCs only. Another is that it requires a large space compared to other web-blocking add-ons because its size is about 5Mb. It also requires password to log in every time it is used. This wastes parents’ time when logging on. The add-on has both advantages and disadvantages. It is up to users’ judgments whether to continuously use the add-on or just uninstall it.

  • This add-on is completely safe for every kid to play online-playground game. It’s good for kids to enjoy over million games and YouTube videos without violent pictures and other bad things. It lets them access the internet with no risk! This add-on is free also. Kid’s parent don’t need to pay for games or any application, that’s great!
    But some problem is that when kids play this add-on, they have to log in every time before playing this. That’s make me crazy because when kids are going to play the game, they will call their parent to log-in for them because they don’t know how to use keyboard! And this add-on also has an astonishing amount of sponsored links, Hasbro, Matel, Disney, etc., that’s terrible. For me this add-on is quiet nice in term of safety but their system is not suitable for kids. So, if you like it, let’s your kids enjoy. But if you don’t like it, throw it in the recycle bin.

  • All names taken. It is rediculous. I tried asldjfalsiejr and it was taken. There are less thatn 100 million users of the entire firefos. Why are all names taken?

    Do Not download until they fix this!!!!

  • This browser is terrible.

    It has an astonishing amount of sponsored links -- Hasbro, Matel, Disney. Our kids (in my case grandkids) are already bombarded with advertisement disguised as programs . They don't need more.

    I would not let a child near this.

  • Schade das die Erklärungen der Add-ons für Firefox nur in englisch sind!!!

  • If you have kids then you must have KidZui, this is a must. I haven't gone the paid way yet, but so far this is the best program I have ever seen for my kids. Don't think about it, download it.

  • I've put it on my kids computer and it's quite cool. The only problem is that I need to log-in Kidzui when launching FF.

  • I installed it and it just worked instantly. I don't know what happened to Glubble, but this is even better!

  • The thing hangs every time I try to "edit my kidzui". EVERY time, without fail. Useless, and I have deleted it. Too bad, I had high hopes for it. I use mac Leopard 10.5.8, by the way

  • My kids love this addon. It let's them access the internet with no risk!

  • So far the only downside to this add-on is I can't get firefox to start up in Kidzui. I used their "fix" but it doesn't work!

  • So far the only downside to this add-on is I can't get firefox to start up in Kidzui. I used their "fix" but it doesn't work!

  • it looks good, but lets see what my kid will say :)

  • I love Kidzui, but it was so much easier for my kids to access the shortcut from the desktop, instead of having to come into firefox to access it

  • I love this website so far. My friends made a account for me on my B-day so yeah

  • I don't see the point of having to create a separate account for the child and then make him log in there. Yes, he needs permission to open websites within kidzui.

    But, why bother when he has all access to the firefox browser? I thought that after installing kidzui, I will now have to enter a password in order to log in to firefox. That way, I am sure that my child will only be surfing on the kidzui browser.

    But as it is, the report feature is useless because my child can always have access to the entire web through the firefox browser.

    Wish something could be done about it

  • This is great. Now I don't have to worry about my three year old on the computer :)

  • Hello and Thank You.
    I was wondering if there is an option where I can set Firefox to launch with KidZui instead Firefox then have to click the icon from the bar?

  • This is GREAT! My 5 year old typically spends about 2 hours a day exclusively on Nick Jr & Sesame Street. I showed her this last night and I could not pull her away. She was on KidZui for about 5 hours. And for the previous comment about having to install in Firefox AND in Windows .. that is an OPTION, not a requirement. I chose the Windows download just to keep her out of the "big people's" browser. And for the comment about some clicks getting the members access only window ... these are few and far between and do not in any way hinder the childs navigation & fun. There are so many fun things for her to explore that I could never possibly bookmark on my own time and KidZui just makes it so easy for my daughter to access so many more fun kids sites with games, movies, songs ... the choices are endless!! This is awesome!

  • Great add-on, my kids love it!