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  • One of my favourite addons. A shame that it is not compatible with Firefox Quantum 57. Please fix it!

  • it does what it says it should.

  • I have default "search in Wikipedia" inscription (from search bar) in urlbar, altough Google search engine is set.

  • its my first addon i install on firefox in any computer i used . Best addon for search .

  • This is a good concept. I can see this working well especially for people who prefer to use an alternative search engine(like DuckDuckGo or Bing) but need to revert to Google for some searches. I added a Wikipedia search to my Context Menu, and was able to quickly search for new names, terms, and titles when browsing the news. By adding Amazon.com to new tab windows, I could streamline my internet shopaholic habit, which would come in handy in the near future. The add-on was simple to install and the dropdown menus for changing options later were clearly labelled and intuitive to use.

    However, after trying several times, reading the instructions on the add on page, and playing around with the settings, I was unable to get the about:home Search Engine and New Tab search engine to work. I set them at first both to Amazon.com and then to DuckDuckGo and Bing. When I navigated to about:home and tried searching both in the address bar and the search bar, the search still ran on Google. The same results occurred when I tried to search from the address bar and search bar on a new tab. I am not sure whether or not this is a bug or if the instructions need to be clarified in regards to about:home and New Tab searches. Another suggestion: allowing users to customize and add their own search engines/websites(ie. Reddit, Craigslist).

    Overall, this is a cool idea and will help hinder Google on their inevitable path to becoming the future emperors of the universe. Four stars.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the kind words.

    As far as about:home and new tab go, setting a search engine for those affects the search field that is on those pages, not the one in the URL bar.

  • Very handy addition make it easy to find the information you need. Works perfectly, nothing to complain about.

  • This addon really works very well. I like this add-on, because now ownwards, I can change the internet searcher so straight forward and discover essential data that i look for.

  • Ever since the new update, typing multiple words divided by a space into the urlbar and pressing Enter or the Go button does nothing in SeaMonkey. This was useful for getting to sub levels of sites, like typing "yahoo mail" would take me directly to the Yahoo Mail login page.

    Developer response

    This is working for me if I have Google feeling lucky.

    What engine do you have as your keyword search engine? And what other features do you have turned on?

    Feel free to post here - https://mike.kaply.com/keyword-search-support/ so we can get it figured out.

  • It works very well. I like this add-on, because now I can change the search engine so simple and find necessary information faster.

  • I use it to set a custom DDG search as default. It is great!

  • Thanks to this extension I don't need to change any settings to use the English Wikipedia when typing in the URL bar, the French Wikipedia in the Search bar and the awesomeful bar, and DuckDuckGo on right-click.

    I love it.

  • Hi there, first off I wan to say that I love this add-on and many thanks for developing it. :)

    Now, I would like to have an option to open my search results in new tab when performing a search from the Search Bar/Awesome Bar. Could this be added please as an option? This is already accessible through about:config, but not many know about it and so I think this would benefit everyone using this add-on. Well I mean you got KeywordURL function back, why not make use of browser.search.openintab as an enhancement for the Search Bar/Awesome Bar.

  • Hi,

    Is it possible to make the search suggestion appeared in location bar (a new feature in Fx 43 and later) also use the designated search engine in Keyword Search?

    Currently it will still use the default engine (in search bar) instead of fixed engine set by Keyword Search to find suggestions.

    Developer response

    That's a good question. I'll try to check into it.

  • I must be confused. I have this functionality already. Open search engines drop-down. Go to 'manage search engines.' Assign a letter or keyword to your favorite searches.

    To use, simply type "i" (or whatever) search term and I get results from ixquick. Or duck-duck. Or anything else.

    So if I'm wrong, and Mozilla has removed this ability from their latest abortion of a browser, I apologize.

    Developer response

    That's not the function this replaces. This add-on adds back the ability to have a separate engine for the URL bar, the search in the upper right, the about:home page and the new tab page.

  • I guess I am just using a small part of this but it gets the job done. I use it in Pale Moon to set the address bar to search on Google, while the search field goes for different locations

  • Fantastic. Dual Search Bars! Works perfectly. Made Google my default in Firefox so it would still show up in the search bar and made DuckDuckGo search my default within the extension options for searching in the Awesome bar. Privacy still isn't perfect but it's better than normal.

    I typically use DuckDuckGo most of the time, but occasional I need the Google Encrypted for images and obscure topics.

  • This add on is really superb and works great.

  • Great because it does everything it says it will. You can add a custom search engine now, so I made my awesome bar Google's I'm feeling lucky search and now it saves me a lot of time

  • Brings back one of the worse removals to Firefox and does it simply and elegantly.

    Use the following for Instant !Bang:

  • perfect! works great on FF 38.0.1

  • I installed it and after that, a new tab opened telling me to select a searchengine for the url bar. but my selection from the dropdown (duckduck I chosed) did not work.
    So I opened the prefs for the addon and now I see 4 different settings with NO explanation what they do, how they work or how the user can activate them. Ok, I know about the urlbar, but the others I can't imagine what they are for and how I can start them. I'd love to had some (shortish) instructions on how to use the about:home search engine, or the new tab search engine, but I have no clue.
    URL bar search works as expected and proposed.
    Thank you.

    EDIT: now, with a little more explanation from the dev, my understanding is better, how usefull this addon really is.

    Developer response

    Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add some help text and look into your bug.

    Firefox provides search entry points in five different places:

    The URL bar (keyword search),
    The search bar
    The new tab page
    The home page (about:home)
    When you highlight text on a web page and right click.

    By default, Firefox uses the same search engine for all of these places.

    The additional items in Keyword Search allow you to specify unique search engines for each place.

  • with firefox 37 the keywords for searchengines doesn't work.
    for example: if i use in urlbar "yt cute kitty" it does search with my custom searchmachine but not with youtube searchengine i use yt as keyword

    EDIT: thank you for fast fixing

    Developer response

    I just released a version that fixes this


  • Back to like before, About: Config: rowser.search.showOneOffButtons. change the value of TRUE to FALSE :D

  • Thanks very much!

  • Great extension and easy to use. One question. If I set the address bar to google and the search engine to wiki, then keywords in address bar will give google results, as expected. But if I set the search engine to youtube, then I have results from youtube despite having google as default. Is there a fix to this (and other google-related search engines)?

    Developer response

    I'm not sure I completely understand. Can you post something here?