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  • Good
  • good app
  • Will not install since addon want to much accesses. Why should I provide access to reddit, facebook and twitter. Keybase as a messanger does not need it.
  • Ok
  • The Keybase isn't communicating with add-on under Linux, the add-on for Chromium works fine.
  • Great extension from an awesome project
  • it's not the easiest to use, but well worth it after the proofs are made and keybase client is intstalled. peace of mind from using the certificates and pgp keys is very reassuring.
  • Works great. As others have said, would be useful to be able to tell before clicking on the chat button whether they're on keybase or not, and you should also be able to open the options page (or a popup or anything) when you click on the toolbar icon
  • Works as expected, easy to use: install and forget. Been using it for months, don't plan to stop using it.
    Tested on: HN, Reddit, GitHub
  • Works great
  • After updating it (i.e. the linux app/program and the extension) today, it finally works. On twitter and on facebook (and probably more websites) a keybase chat button appears, and clicking it a small chat window successfully transmitted a message via my local linux app. My expectation to be able to see whether someone uses keybase.io or not, was not fulfilled - this information is accessible only after clicking the chat button (or the symbol in the browser tool row).
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