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  • It's a pity, read what Arvid Axelsson wrote on his webpage:
    "It’s time to finally end my theming efforts. I have no plans to update my themes for Firefox 4 or later. Reasons for this include a better default theme, a lower number of users of my themes and a large amount of work required just for maintenance. Thanks to everyone who has been using them."
  • Beautiful, but please make for Firefox 4...
  • One of the most beautiful themes, please upgrade to Firefox 4.0.
  • Actualizaré a Mozilla Firefox 4 en cuanto haya una version de Kempelton compatible
  • Please update for Firefox 4 ;))
  • One of the best themes out there. Please update for Firefox 4.
  • Nice clean, modern look. Less is more!
  • fix a bug in the menu when inducing the icon "tab, it disappears.
    Solution: need to fix Options.png, do scale 224x64 and paste again icons:) That was not a blank transparency!

    Maybe you do not have this error but in the Russian version firefox there is
  • Nice theme, thanks for sharing.
  • Eagerly awaiting Firefox 4 compatibility. This has been my favorite theme for FF3 for a long time.
  • Perfect, this is my favorite theme for FireFox.
    Could you, please make this work with the version 4.0 beta 3 or later ?
  • Stylish and polished. The best them yet.
  • just the best!
    super theme!!!
  • Why didn't I see this theme earlier??? Beautifully done.
  • I've been long looking for a good Firefox theme for KDE but most didn't match my expectations. Kempelton is absolutely brilliant.
  • Very clean theme. I've used it more often than any other one.
  • lookin' good!
  • it's fantastic.. previously I used Qute, now this!
  • Although I don't like Kempelton's new back/forward button style, in my opinion it's the best theme for firefox!
  • Please add a code to support MacOSX, it's easy: you just add custom scrollbars as it's done in iPox, Whitehart, Silvermel, Stratini, Rein, or in Smoke or FennecFox (not from default theme).
  • I like this; giving it some color would be even better. Do you think you could do this? Thank you.
  • After having this theme installed for quite some time on multiple work and home related computers, this is bar none the best theme I've used on Firefox to date. Compliments well with other themes such as Tab Mix, etc., definitely clean, makes buttons look like buttons on hover states, user friendly, and updated often. Highly recommended!
  • He has updated it on his site, if you absolutely cannot wait for this page to update. Go get the new version!

    This is definitely my favorite theme for Firefox. It looks so professional and sleek, and goes wonderfully with Vista/7 Aero look. I will use no other! Thank you so much for continuing to keep this updated.
  • From the author: