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  • Glad I purchased this password manager. It made a world of difference from what I used before, Bitdefender Wallet, which only works where there is Bitdefender. I can't recommend this enough.
    The only gripe I have with it is since the last few updates of Firefox, this extension is always disabled (grayed out) by default. I always have to disable then enable it to get it to work. I think it's a Firefox problem because it's not the only extension behaving this way. I'm not sure though. It is annoying still. And it's fine on all the other browsers. It just does this on my favourite - Firefox.
  • Has very annoying notifications to sign into pages with no way of blacklisting. Very limited options compared to other extremely well known password manager.

    Some pages have form fields for data that seem to trigger Keeper to prompt to fill in credentials. I would have liked to be able to limit it to only the login page itself and not prompt for other pages within domain.
  • Great app and very secure.
  • très bon coffre fort
  • I've tried other PWD managers, but gave up in frustration over the tedious process of creating each account's password and my inherent mistrust of technology in general as everything seems to be hackable. But I got all tangled up in my manual password system even with the help of Firefox's auto-fill add on. So I studied the rating from PC Mag, CNET, etc. and picked the one I hoped I could live with. That was KEEPER. I used the free version for a couple of weeks and was surprised how accommodating and intuitive it was. It didn't make me bend to its arcane rules and allowed me to get going right away. I've since upgraded to the paid version, resisting the urge to sign up for the family plan. Maybe I'll upgrade to the big plan next year. Meanwhile, I'm very pleased with this product and have recommended it to friends.