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  • I can add my dropbox and give access through the API, but I never get any option to choose which file is the database. I really hope it doesn't expect it to have a specific name or something ridiculous like that.

    Edit in response to developer hostility: I'm using my database from 5 different computers and a couple of phones and tablets. As it is a database and encrypted binary file that is supposed to be used by a number of different implementations it has no suffix, and it works for perfectly for every other keepass solution out there. Keepass doesn't enforce a name. Forcing people to change their filename just because the developer has a strong opinion about what name he feels is best is just incredibly stupid. I understand this developer feel and acts hostile against users that doesn't want to follow his unnecessary rules, and therefore should not release addons on this forum.
    Hey there! Tusk looks for keepass databases with the file extension ".kdbx". I really hope you don't think changing the database file extension to .png or .mp4 makes your database more secure or something ridiculous like that.

    The keepass kdbxv4 magic number is 03 D9 A2 9A 67 FB 4B B5.

    Edit in response to your response: Tusk is free and open source software and generates $0 in revenue. Don't like it? Pull requests are accepted.
  • I would give it 5 stars if i didnt have to authorize google drive every single time, very annoying.
    EDIT: I finally figured out what the issue was,I believe it was user error. I went into the settings, I didnt know it was there, and added it there, now it works everytime. updated to 5 stars, since it is excellent add on .
    EDIT:Nevermind,came back up today. this is annoying, removing this add on until this is fixed.
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  • Dropbox and Nextcloud sync! =3
  • Recomendo.