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  • Great add on if you're an Amazon shopper like me! Easy to use and quickly finds what you're looking for. Giving it 4* as it's been having some issues lately but I guess that's just one of those things for any add on.
    Thanks! We experienced some short service outages, which were caused by major problems of our hoster.
  • Very very very useful.
  • Excelente
  • works great
  • Very very very useful, but, why you need access to googleapis.com?
    Good question. We don't. We simply forgot to remove it when porting our chrome extension. Will be gone in the next update! Thanks for pointing that out.

    *Update: The permission is now gone.
  • Ottima estensione!!!
  • A very good Extension and totally useful.

    But, I don't give it 5 starts for two reasons:
    -Is not translated to Spanish yet (and Spanish is the 3rd used lenguage in the world), I can help to translate strings if is needed from English to Spanish
    -Data format support. You can select several US way format, and even you can put your own format. But I totally miss the most common date format in the word: DMY(dd/mm/yyyy) by default, it would be great
    Thanks for the feedback. We will consider adding the missing date format and are working on adding more translations.

    *Update: Spanish will be available next week! We also have added the requested date format.
  • top to follow thw amazon prices to buy at best!
  • Funziona benissimo! Permette di controllare lo storico dei prezzi e farsi avvisare in caso cali di prezzo. Ti avverte perfino in anticipo delle offerte lampo!
  • Keepa is a very useful tool for a Amazon seller but it didn't work for a long time in Firefox since September. Keepa can work in other browser like google chrome but can't in my firefox. Reset many times, or uninstall and install over and over again, then nothing helps. Would you help me?
  • I'm looking at an item on Amazon with Keepa installed right now. Keepa's chart says the lowest "new" price at this moment is $140, but Amazon says it is $144.99. I'd love to know where Keepa is finding it for $140 because it sure isn't available to me!
    Hi Dan,
    On a product listing on Amazon multiple merchants can offer the product for different prices. Amazon then chooses the “best” offer among those to display on the product page, in the so called Buy Box.

    Keepa does not track the buy box, it tracks the cheapest price of all available offers, shipping costs not included, per condition.

    The "new" price type is the lowest New price by a 3rd party seller or Amazon, shipping not included.

    When on the product page there is a box on the right showing “Other Sellers on Amazon”, which also contains a link to see all offers. There you should find the offer for $140, shipping not included.

    If you want to see a price history with shipping costs included you can enable the price types with a small shipping truck icon next to them. To enable additional price types just click on them in the legend next to the graph. Note though, that we do not track all price types for all products.

    If you have any more questions, do not hesitate to contact us at info@keepa.com or visit our forums: https://discuss.keepa.com

    We would much appreciate if you could reconsider your review.
  • Very useful addon to check Amazon prices history and receive pricing alerts.

    Firefox 53 x64 and Amazon Italy.
    The "infinite loading" issue seems fixed in this version.
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  • estensione utilissima per tracciare l'andamento dei prezzi dei prodotti su amazon, dando la possibilità di ricevere notifiche via mail quando il prodotto che interessa ha il prezzo desiderato
  • Es la mejor app para seguir los precios de Amazon, ya era la mejor y aún así volvieron a mejorar el diseño.

    Imprescindible para cualquier usuario de Amazon.