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  • not working
  • Cerca solo di tracciare tutto ciò che fai su tutti i siti che visiti.
  • Very useful addon and very lovely embedded in the Amazon pages. Like it just belongs there. 👍 Thank you very much for the work. Not just the addon, but the webpage too. 🤩
    Is there actually a way (app?) to get a flash deal reminder/popup on mobile devices? I get a mail but then forget about it 😟
    Thank you for your review. You can get notified once a Lightning Deal for a tracked product has started (this option must be enabled in the settings).
  • Do you use Amazon? Then you must use Keepa. Not should. *Must.*

    The amount of money I've saved from using Keepa has to be in the thousands now. Given the insane value it provides (not to mention the breadth of analysis and collation it performs in order to provide that value), it's borderline incomprehensible to me that it's a free-to-use service.

    The only other browser extensions I've gotten comparable value from, and am equally thankful for, are ad suppression-related. If you use Amazon even infrequently, Keepa is a top 3 MVP browser addon, with a bullet. If you use it often, as I do, it's indispensable; by virtue of the amount of money I've saved using it alone, it's far and away the best.

    I'll *definitely* be buying the Pro version and donating to the devs. Immensely grateful for this gem of a plugin.
    Thank you for your review!
  • Very useful extension. I am basically not purchasing anything without having had a look at Keepa's price history. You can also create custom alerts and decide to include special offers like Amazon's warehouse deals, etc. Very happy.