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  • Excelente ! extension.

  • Firefox ESR 52.9.0&Keepa 3.2.9
    After installing, a few days is no problem. But when a few days is used, an icon goes around around, and reading doesn't end. An add-on doesn't move any more.

    WaterFox 56.2.2
    No problem

  • Requires to authenticate to a third-party service to Amazon to see the price history on Amazon. Makes little sense to me. However, seems to work beyond that deal breaker.

    Developer response

    When you install this add-on you have to grant it permission to access Amazon sites. That is an obvious requirement, as without access rights it would be unable to embed the price histories on product pages.

    In case your browser is set to block 3rd party cookies you have to add an exception for Keepa.com so that the Keepa Box (the iframe embedded on Amazon which contains the price history) has access to its own cookies/storage, as otherwise it could not access any settings or, if you registered an account, your session.

  • Pretty decent alternative to camelcamelcamel. I've been mainly looking for one that's "out of the way" (in terms of UI and actually loading the extension) unless i'm on a domain where it's relevant.

    So, my complaint is the Icon in firefox should be an address icon instead

    Developer response

    Thanks for the feedback. We will change the icon's behavior with the next update.

  • Conflicts with the "Privacy Badger" plugin. Won't work if they're both active! Disable Privacy Badger on Amazon.com to recover Keepa functionality.

  • ok

  • great app

  • I just discovered this service, so it's too soon to say how good it is and how it compares to CCC, but initial impressions are good. While I don't know how accurate the pricing is compared to CCC, it seems similar and I like how much easier it is to access/see the info. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to export and import the add-on's settings.

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  • very good

  • Recently it always shows “One time anti-bot check
    Unable to load reCaptcha from Google. Please verify you can access Google.com unrestricted. We use the reCaptcha service to verify you are human and to block bots from abusing our service.”

    How to solve this error?

  • good

  • 为什么我的电脑怎么用不了

  • 不错

  • good

  • good product

  • Nice

  • fa paura ottimo prodotto!!!

  • Really useful add-on, reliable and must have. However, it seems to cause freeze on Firefox58(mac) when pop-up password input dialogue (ex. master password) is displayed. Disabling this add-on, things going normally. Therefore there may be a bug, or interference with Firefox58 system. Without this bug, this add-on is awesome!

  • Indispensabile per acquisti su Amazon

  • Хорошее дополнение

  • Bis Jetzt bin Ich sehr begeistert von der Erweiterung.
    Erfüllt Voll und Ganz die Erwartung und übertrifft diese sogar um ein Vielfaches.

  • Esta increíble

  • I love It.

  • 役にたってない