I Want to Like It More Rated 3 out of 5 stars

At first it seemed amazing (both the program and the plug-in). Then I encountered problems where it wouldn't notice a form on <Alt Ctrl A>, so I'd press detect forms. I don't think that ever solved the problem.

The real problem is using multiple accounts and/or multiple computers as we all do. The database isn't dynamic enough and KeeFox fails to update it quickly enough (within a few minutes) where your workstations can be in sync.

Troubling even more is handling multiple logins or sites where the login URL varies, thus changing the bar title, URL and all parameters KeeFox could use to identify the site. Asterisks don't seem to help coax it along, although I've seem some comments about using the root domain and it working for them. (For me it hasn't.)

As much as RoboForm is an ugly, intrusive, dated Wall-E/Furby lovechild, it performs better.

I'm going to keep tabs on KeyPass/KeeFox and hope to return.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Thanks for the feedback.

I think you've got (understandably) a little mixed up with the differences between KeeFox and the AutoType functionality of KeePass.

KeeFox doesn't use <alt ctrl A>, nor window titles. It works purely on the URL of the website you're looking at and the forms contained within it. "Detect forms" does fix things in a few cases but it should be extremely rare that you'd need to use it so if it's happening all the time there's an underlying problem.

As for dynamic databases, that's really down to how you use KeePass rather than this add-on. KeeFox itself should never take more than a second to update from even the largest KeePass database but if you're trying to keep a KeePass database in sync across multiple machines there is probably some useful advice on the best services and procedures for doing that on the KeePass support forum (https://sourceforge.net/p/keepass/discussion/)

There are a variety of ways to address the issues with sites that have varying URLs - it depends on the way in which the URL varies but there should be some suitable examples already on the forum (feel free to post specific questions there if you can't find out how to make it work): http://keefox.org/help/forum

In general there are only a handful of sites that have varying login URLs and many cases of forms not being recognised will be fixed in the next version (sadly not all, but then not all work in RoboForm either).