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  • It works very well, but it actually deleted the passwords I had stored in FF, even in my other FF instalation in my other PC, it could be great if it could coexist with FF build in password manager.

    Also, if I edit the input fields and lose focus it deletes what I wrote and fill the field, I guess this is a bug.
  • Thank you. Very usefull
  • Even though it could have a bit more in terms of customization, it still ends up being perfectly adequate and crucial for my browsing experience. It makes life much easier. I haven't found a situation where Kee didn't work as expected. Google was a bit weird when dealing with multiple login details but that's about it.
  • excellent and free method for keeping track of all my passwords.
  • Funktioniert mit KeePass v2.40 nicht!
  • Totes Addon:
    - Auch wenn in den Einstellungen die Keepass-Datenbank explizit eingegeben ist erkennt Kee den geöffneten, wie geschlossenen Keepass nicht.
    - Beinm Klick auf den Button kommt nur Einstellungen und Hilfe. Beides nicht hilfreich.
  • It would be perfect if it had an option to NOT disable firefox' default password saving option.

    I would like to use both of them at the same time and for that I need Kee to not disable it every time I restart my browser.

    For now I am locking the preference.
  • This add-on is phenomenal, and I consider it a must-have for using KeePass on a day-to-day basis. My one gripe is that, when going through the password change dialogue on websites, the ability to update the existing password entry seems to be limited to the fields found on the "change password" screen. That is to say, if there was no input field for the account's username on the screen, then the username will be erased from the entry in the database. In these circumstances, I simply open KeePass and update the entry manually.

    The favicon-saving functionality also seems to be intermittent, but again, that is just a luxury feature.

    Overall, the experience is wonderful and fluid!
  • Very nice function and nicely works with KeePass. However, there are still few websites which blocks the auto fill function of this extension. It will be better to aggressively tackle such websites.
  • This is the perfect companion to the KeePass (versions 1 and 2) desktop password manager, the most comprehensive, extensible, geek-worthy and *tough* password management system for modern PCs. Integrating KeePass with Firefox or shmoogle Chrome can be a pain, but this add-on for Firefox makes it SO simple. I highly recommend it. It's like LastPass, but for power users, hackers and other geeks. :)