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  • Missing a more editable Password Generator when using with Keepass 2.
    It´s also not possible to edit new Logins before saving in Keepass 2
    The Bridge to Keepass 2 is OK but could be better
  • The password generator is quit weak (hex only, why?). Sometimes doesn't offer the option to save the last login, needs to be done manually in KeePass.
    Sometimes don't recognise login inputs.
    Overall and unfortunately, not reliable
  • Firefox 67.0.4 (64-Bit)
    Unfortunately, I always have to click Settings for each session to make it work, before that name + password fields always remain empty
  • Doesn't work with Firefox 60.7.1 ESR (18/06/19) - KeePass.
  • 1.) permanently OFF after updating. It was a good product, I might find a replacement.
    2.) after second update of FireFox I was notified by the browser to set the add-on permissions. Now is OK. THX
  • Source map error: TypeError: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.

    The extension path shown is from Kee and ends with /lib/tp/browser-polyfill.min.js ...It appears this is referencing a map file named browser-polyfill.min.js.map which is not included within the extension, no doubt that's causing this error.