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  • Good. But referenced entries in Keepass don't work. So any accounts that need to work on multiple urls or web and mobile app needs to be entered multiple times manually.
  • Great extension for keepass!
  • Nice integration/automation of my KeePass data. Thanks!
  • Seems to work perfectly
  • Much prefer this one over the KeePassXC addon. Had to use KeePass instead of XC to use this, but its worth it!
  • При автозаполнении формы на вэб странице из записи базы паролей, содержащей ссылки на логин и пароль другой записи, в поля логин и пароль вставляются ссылки, а не их значения.
  • Very nice add-on that uses KeePass. It's generally very easy to use and auto-fills info quickly. Unfortunately, Kee doesn't seem to be able to recognize KeePass' referenced usernames and passwords, so a web pages auto-fill with {REF:XXXXXXX} instead of the actual stored username and password.
  • Vraiment très utile et c'est un vrai gain de temps, fonctionne très bien avec plusieurs fichiers KeePass ouvert en même temps.
  • "off" so bigger
  • Missing a more editable Password Generator when using with Keepass 2.
    It´s also not possible to edit new Logins before saving in Keepass 2
    The Bridge to Keepass 2 is OK but could be better
  • The password generator is quit weak (hex only, why?). Sometimes doesn't offer the option to save the last login, needs to be done manually in KeePass.
    Sometimes don't recognise login inputs.
    Overall and unfortunately, not reliable
  • Firefox 67.0.4 (64-Bit)
    Unfortunately, I always have to click Settings for each session to make it work, before that name + password fields always remain empty