Kee 2.2.9

Privacy Policy

Kee 2.0 collects no data at all so this policy no longer applies. The information below is being retained for a short time before removal.

The following policy applies to KeeFox version 1.3 to 1.7. Earlier and later versions of KeeFox have no privacy policy.

KeeFox does not collect any personally identifiable information from you. No private data will be collected at any time; the URLs you visit and the contents of your password database entries will never be collected.

KeeFox will collect the following basic system information: Operating system; Browser; KeeFox addon version; Browser language; .NET framework version; KeePass version.

KeeFox will optionally collect usage statistics which will typically include things like which parts of the KeeFox user interface you clicked on, changes you've made to default options, errors that occurred within KeeFox and basic statistics about the KeePass databases being used, such as how many databases you have opened.

Data is sent securely to a private server. The data will be processed using statistical analysis software to help find common problems and improve decisions regarding future development. Occasionally, we may publicly release reports containing aggregate data and summaries from the collected information.

You can find out more about the part of KeeFox that manages the collection of this data at|-Metrics-collection

Any significant changes to this policy will be announced on the official website. You can be notified of changes by subscribing to the updates on the website via email or RSS. Insignificant changes such as spelling corrections, re-wording for clarity, etc. may not be announced. All changes will also be included in the release notes of the next version of KeeFox.

Last updated: 2017-11-13

Mozilla also collects basic statistics on all of your installed add-ons when Firefox checks for updates to your add-ons. The Mozilla Firefox privacy statement contains more information about this and Firefox privacy in general.

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