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  • Generally, the addon works as advertised, however, since some time Thunderbird asks me for passwords to Lightning calendars, which were also saved in Kwallet, previously. I'd like to help debugging/fixing this, but cannot contact the author:

    The "Add-on home page" linked here on amo is a forum which does not exist anymore, the "Support site" exists but you cannot send a mail there because the google captcha doesn't load anymore.

    @Guillermo Molina: please provide a working contact possibility.
  • to fix autofill:
    either swith to the KDE5-Version of the Plugin OR
    use the KDE5 Version of the method searchLogins inside KDEWalletStorage and compile the plugin yourself.

    URL to KF5-Version of the method:

    to fix sync:
    - disable KDE wallet and restart FF
    - setup sync and use copy the credentials from the internal password manger
    - open kwalletmanager and paste the content to the key somesync@log.in,,Firefox Accounts credentials,chrome://FirefoxAccounts and the field password
    - enable KDE wallet and restart FF

    the credentials should look like:
  • Thank you for this add on I have used it for years.
    looking at the xpi/components I see some missing 32 bit libs I don't know if that's the problem since I run a 64 bit linux system: ldd components/libkdewallet_x86.so | grep 'not found'
    libkdeui.so.5 => not found
    libkdecore.so.5 => not found
    ldd components/libkdewallet_x86_64.so | grep 'not found'
    is OK.

    @Gree the code is located at http://svn.guillermomolina.com.ar/firefox-kde-wallet-2/
    I have looked at it it seems to be a slightly (older?) version
    Hope this project can keep going
  • It seems to me that, when the add-on is active in FF 51.0.1, no password is automatically filled in the forms, although I can see the passwords both in FF and KWallet. Is the add-on opensource? I can look at the problem deeper.
  • since the update to FF 50.0 then
    kwallet addon is unactivated because FF can't verify it!
  • I can confirm issue on FF49.
    auto-filling for passwords is not working, but FF has access to kwallet and I can view my stored passwords.
  • Breaks:
    - Firefox Sync (need to login after each restart).
    - Autofillng for passwords is not working.
  • Breaks new sync (need to login to sync after every restart).
  • Excelente extensión. Siempre tuve desconfianza de que el navegador guardara las contraseñas, así que como usuario de KDE me fijo perfecta. Solo faltaría indicar que luego de instalarse las contraseñas deben cargarse nuevamente, pero no es nada grave.
    Si la cartera no está abierta las contraseñas no pueden verse desde el navegador.
    Funciona muy bien
    GRACIAS !!
  • The fix by jaanvajakas worked for me on Fedora 20, KDE 4.14, thanks a lot. I just had to figure out where to add the lines. The last few lines of my file are now like this:

    get isLoggedIn() {
    return true;

    init: function () {

    const NSGetFactory = XPCOMUtils.generateNSGetFactory([KDEWalletStorage]);
  • kubuntu 14.04, thunderbird 31.2, KDE Wallet password integration 2.4. Does not work. Im so sad about it.
  • your fix does not work for me on firefox 34, this is what I see when it crashes:

    unnamed app(26539)/kdevplatform KDEWallet_GetStorageVersion: Start
    unnamed app(26539)/kdevplatform checkWallet: Start
    unnamed app(26539)/kdeui (Wallet) KWallet::Wallet::openWallet: Pass a valid window to KWallet::Wallet::openWallet().
    QDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.
    QEventLoop: Cannot be used without QApplication
  • To make it work in Thunderbird 31.2.0, I had to add the lines

    init: function () {

    to the file .thunderbird//extensions/kwallet@guillermo.molina/components/KDEWalletStorage.js in my home directory.
  • Could you please have a look, why it does not work in thunderbird 31 with version 2.4 anymore?

    This is a great addon! I would really miss it!
  • No funciona con Firefox 33 y además borra las contraseñas almacenadas, así que recomiendo que nadie la instale hasta que salga una versión compatible con FF 33 y superiores o perderéis todas vuestra contraseñas si no os las sabéis de memoria.

    Tras reiniciar Firefox (el complemento había sido desactivado, pero Firefox llevaba varios días sin ser reiniciado, por lo que la desactivación no se había hecho efectiva ya que este complemento requiere el reinicio del programa para que se apliquen estos cambios) mis contraseñas han vuelto. Así que no es cierto que el complemento borre las contraseñas, simplemente no muestra ninguna, ni siquiera las que ya tenemos en Kwallet. Esto evidentemente no es tan grave como hubiera sido la eliminación de las contraseñas, pero el usuario que deje el complemento instalado o activo en espera de que salga una actualización que funcione, simplemente va a ver que sus contraseñas no están en Preferencias/Seguridad/Contraseñas Guardadas ni por supuestos se escriben automáticamente. Bien, pese al susto inicial, lo cierto es que las contraseñas siguen ahí, sólo hay que desactivar o desinstalar este complemento y reiniciar Firefox. La contraseñas reaparecerán.
    No obstante, de momento, a 5-11-14, el complemento es desaconsejable por no funcionar y por "esconder" las contraseñas almacenadas.

    P.S: Te respondo, Guillermo.
    Me creo que soy un usuario que ha sufrido las consecuencias de este complemento en FF33 (eliminación de todas y cada una de las contraseñas que mi navegador tenía almacenadas), nada más y nada menos; y que como corresponde a este sitio, hace una valoración basada en su experiencia (mala) en el uso de esta extensión.
    Y sí, como esto es una comunidad donde cada cual intenta contribuir como puede -los informáticos programando, los usuarios comentando- recomiendo a los que me lean que no la usen si no quieren ver volar sus contraseñas. Sería un HP si sabiendo que algo causa perjuicios me lo callase, no crees?

    Y a ti también te recomendaría algo: menos soberbia y más respeto por los usuarios, que no hemos venido aquí para atacarte ni escribir infundios sobre tu trabajo generosamente donado a la comunidad, sino simplemente a decir si un complemento funciona bien o no.
  • Does not work anymore with FF32 :/
  • Yes, they did something with password management in FF32, so dont upgrade or disable addon...
  • Since I upgraded to FF32 KDE Wallet password integration stopped working :.-(
  • The crashes for FF25 went away after setting javascript.options.baselinejit.* = false in about:config, as suggested. However they came back in FF30. It turns out there was a new baselinejit added. Setting that to false seems to solve this.
  • Disabling javascript.options.baselinejit.* in about:config to false resolved the issue I reported in a previous review. Thank you for your great support, Guillermo.
  • Simple and brilliant. The author also supports on http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php?content=116886 and responds to questions and comments.
  • I really like this add-on but I had to disable it after the FF26 upgrade. However, the 2.2 version worked once I disabled baselinejit option per Guillermo's recommendation (below).
    It seems that the crashes experienced by the users are related to the new Javascript JIT Compiler Called ION Baseline. Disabling it seems to solve the problem. You can disable it by setting javascript.options.baselinejit.* in about:config to false
  • It has been working for me too, until upgraded to Firefox 26. Solution provided by tbali didn't work for me (Kubuntu 13.10 AMD64).
  • I like this addon! But after upgrade to FF 26, it crash almost every 2 minutes.
    Could you try to fix it, please?
  • I also have crashes with firefox 26 on Ubuntu 12.10.