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This breaks yahoo mail unless you know how to make changes to the rules to not break it. Those changes are not identified. Here is my interaction with the developer on this:

My bug report:
FF 6.0 on Win7 64bit. I swapped out ABP for Karma. Then I noticed that my yahoo mail did not work correctly. I am on the new version of yahoo mail. There are checkboxes to the left of each message in a folder. I can no longer check the box. If I click on the box the message is opened. It should just check the box. I disabled Karma and tried again. It worked fine. :(

Please let me know when this is fixed. I really want to replace ABP.

His reply:

Working as intended. Tweak your rules.

Dupe of #511

My reply unanswered so far:

Thanks for the reference to ticket 511. I read it. Unfortunately it does not solve the problem. Can you give some hints has to what needs to be done to the rules to make karma blocker work with yahoo mail? It might be a good idea to have the standard ones that are supplied with karma blocker work with most major apps, which I think yahoo mail is one of them. Or at least provide more detailed documentation for users to fix the rules when a site is not working because of karma blocking.

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