Live Stream Notifier Version History

11 versions

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Version 3.3.1 227.6 KiB Works with Firefox 49.0a1 and later

  • Fix missing English messages

Version 3.3.0 225.8 KiB Works with Firefox 49.0a1 and later

  • Add Youtube channels by ID (additionally to by username)
  • Add unified options for treatment of hosting and rebroadcasts (summarized as "non-live")

    • Add an optional new tab to the panel for hosting and rebroadcasts
    • Optionally display hosting and rebroadcasts at the bottom of the live tab
    • Twitch playlists treated like a rebroadcast by default
    • Tweak to the styles for hosting and rebroadcasts displayed as live channels
    • Hosting and rebroadcasts are easier to recognize by default
    • Separate notification category for non-live (redirects & rebroadcasts) channels
  • Button in Channels Manager to open extension options
  • Fix navigating away in Channels Manager not unregistering the tab
  • Fix adding DouyuTV channels
  • Remove Livestreamer integration

    • This is because I cannot support Livestreamer in the future, the integration having some weird quirks and it being against the TOS for the Twitch API to promote use of a program like Livestreamer. To compensate, I've added the feature in the next point:
  • Add channel URL copy option

    • Has options for a string to add before and after the URL.
  • Re-enable
  • Alternate dark theme for the UI
  • New required minimum Firefox version is 49
  • Multi-process compatible

Version 3.2.3 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 42.0a1 and later

  • Add application version to debug dump
  • Fix compatibility issues with Firefox 43 and lower

Version 3.2.2 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 42.0a1 and later

  • Fix DouyuTV style in the panel
  • Fix channels not going offline after upgrade to 3.2.1
  • Fix potential errors when checking for hosted channels on Twitch
  • [Parental Controls] Check if user is allowed to navigate to a stream before opening it with livestreamer
  • Simple export of debugging relevant data

Version 3.2.1 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 42.0a1 and later

  • Add user favorites support to hitbox and
  • Add support for new livestream
  • Update Picarto.TV for the new site and temporarily disable most of the provider’s functions
  • Support Ustream channels that only have a /channel/{username} URL
  • Add optional counter to the button
  • Add “Explore” tab to panel
  • Shows channels featured by providers
  • Search searches with the provider’s search
  • Let’s you immediately add a channel in the context menu
  • Currently supports Twitch, Hitbox, YouTube, Azubu, Beam
  • Livestreamer support
  • Displays a context menu item if the Livestreamer executable has been found
  • Optionally all streams can be opened with Livestreamer
  • Path to Livestreamer, the player and quality are adjustable
  • Add provider name to extra info
  • Delete all the channels a user follows by pressing <kbd>Shift</kbd> when deleting it (either with the <kbd>Del</kbd> key or the <samp>Remove</samp> button)
  • Now tries to recover from a corrupted database by deleting it. Informs the user if that went well, of if it failed, so the add-on doesn’t just mysteriously stop working.
  • Fix channels manager sometimes not working after a refresh
  • Initial support for parental controls
    • Uses the parental controls defined by the operating system (windows and android)
    • Hides streams for mature audiences in the explore tab
    • Logs launching livestreamer as a page visit
    • Blocks adding mature channels
  • Adding dialog in channels manager now stays open until the requested items are loaded. Cancel aborts the process.
  • Switched from an icon font to SVGs
  • Refresh button now indicates if the update queue is running (interval not 0) and lets you temporarily pause it
  • Add support for DouyuTV
  • Switched website to
  • Fix renamed twitch channels breaking the extension

Version 3.1.1 107.3 KiB Works with Firefox 38.0a1 and later

  • Fix channels not getting marked as offline if Firefox has been closed for more than ten minutes
  • Don't try to update the channel statuses when in offline mode
  • Get game name for channels
  • Add provider
  • Add provider (which is sadly broken, since picarto updated their website since this update has been queued)
  • Show notification if a newly added channel is live
  • Making less requests when possible
  • Fix updating a specific channel from the panel context menu
  • Better handling of Twitch channels with spaces in the display name
  • Fix keyboard shortcuts in channels manager
  • Make rebroadcasts optional
  • Make hosted Twitch channels optional
  • Update translations
  • Fix some oddities with behaviour when clicking to go to a channel

Version 3.0.1 1.2 MiB Works with Firefox 38.0a1 and later

  • Add new channels manager, which is the last piece to allow more channel providers
  • Three new styles for the panel
  • An optional extra row of info for live channels in the panel, showing the number of viewers and the category of a stream
  • Offline channels are in a separate tab instead of below the live channels in the panel
  • Context menu for channels in the panel, allowing to refresh their individual state, open their archive page if they’re live or open the channel’s chat only
  • Channels and users are now saved in a database instead of a plaintext file
  • Nearly every line of code in the extension has been rewritten
  • A completely new website
  • Added support for Hitbox, Ustream, Livestream,, Azubu and YouTube (as far as possible)
  • Show hosting twitch channels as live with the title and thumbnail of the hosted channel
  • Filter channels in the panel (and the channels manager)
  • And probably some bugs that I haven't found in two months of testing. Please report them at

Version 63.4 KiB Works with Firefox 29.0a1 and later

  • Renamed to Stream Notifier
  • Removed and migrated existing settings to twitch
  • Better panel, but also wider. Feedback appreciated!
  • Fixed paginations: now the extension fetches more than 100 channels and can display more than 25 channels as live.

Version 59.4 KiB Works with Firefox 30.0a1 and later

  • Update panel button for Australis
  • Fix a bug where channels were not removed when all the sources for them were removed

Version 55.0 KiB Works with Firefox 21.0 and later

  • Fixed random channels appearing
  • Fixed notification muting when going back in a tab

Version 2.8.1-signed 245.0 KiB Works with Firefox 19.0 and later

  • Fixed title change notifications
  • changed tilte change notification message
  • Updated twitch past broadcasts link