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  • This app is just perfect ! Minimalistic, and no need to login !!!!!!!!!!! (rare enough to have to specify it) The developper is very actif. Thank you !
  • This add-on has been fantastic overall, only issue is Youtube won't let me add my channel for seeing that information, I have my subs set to public as well and this issue still persists, however barring that one issue this is
    still one of the best add-ons to use for firefox to let you know when all you favorite channels go live.
    First off thank you, glad it's (mostly) working for you. I'll have to figure out something with YouTube, currently the API rate limit for the extension is hit daily at about 18:00 UTC, so depending on your timezone you may only rarely get a chance when it actually works. If you'd like to know more, feel free to contact me via the provided support channels with the exact youtube channel you're trying to add.

    Update: We've managed to resolve the youtube issue. It stemmed from the extension not supporting adding youtube subs by channel ID properly and API rate limitting.
  • Does its job perfectly well. Been running it for a year (I think ?) without any issues. I was just confused at the difference between adding channels and users, I still struggle when I install this addon on another machine to find which one will add only the channel I wanted. Maybe prompt the user that "You are about to add X channels to your list. Would you like to continue ?" or something would help make the difference because it's a headache to delete all followers from a channel.

    Anyways, thanks for making this addon, props to you !
    You can remove all channels a user follows by holding Shift while removing the user. This will also remove all channels added for another user that the removed user follows, effectively also removing that user. I noticed this isn't documented on https://streamnotifier.ch/help/channels-manager/ yet, so I'll add that.

    For making it more obvious what it means to add a user, I'll see if I can somehow improve the wording around adding users. I can see how the current UI doesn't make it obvious without reading the documentation, as to what the difference between a user and a channel is.
  • Just another 5 star addon.
  • It just works well and has plenty of options. Been running it all year with no problems.
  • Works fine
  • I only now installed this but as a vote of confidence rated it 5 stars unless it disappoints later on. For the time being the only issue I've had is in adding both of my YouTube accounts as Live Stream Notifier refuses to recognize one of them and I can't imagine why. If this is a limitation of the add-on I hope the ability to add more than one YouTube account is a feature that will be included. Maybe this is due to the problem account being through G+ and I see there is no option for Google Plus so maybe it is a linked account? Google stuff confuses me like this.
    the YouTube issue may be related to one of your accounts having their subscriptions set to private. If you want a definitive answer, please contact me via the support email.
  • this addon is perfect
  • suggestions:
    add an option to go to the channel from the "channels manager" by clicking on it.
    add account names beside the name. chinese channels have them different.

    It adds a bunch of random channels on its own(from twitch), without me adding them, I think it happens when I'm trying to add a channel when user is selected, pressing ok doesn't add the channel or when I follow a channel, or somehow else idk, it happens pretty often.
    I had to go to the "inspect element" to copy the names into the twitch link to check them, because it doesn't allow to go to the twitch channel directly.
    As the manager is for managing the channels I have opted to not have anything like that. Though I've thought about adding a way to see more details about a channel in the manager and eventually may add more information that may also include a link to the channel.
  • I've used this addon for years now and consider it the best stream notifier. However it's gotten pretty buggy. I can't remove any channels, they just reappear immediately. Even after pausing refresh, setting update interval to 0, and removing the addon completely and reinstalling. Not sure what to do, it's getting pretty annoying. Is there a time frame to when I might expect a fix?

    Also, just a suggestion: would be nice to have uptime listed with the extra info in the panel.
    Sorry about that issue, but it sounds like something with the database for the extension is really broken. Could you try using the beta version and report back to me (preferably via the e-mail address linked as support e-mail in the add-on listing) if that fixed it? If not I fear something in your profile is damaged. Else it would be fixed in the main release version in the coming week (that's when I'm planning to release the WebExtensions version)

    Thank you for the suggestion, I've opened https://github.com/freaktechnik/justintv-stream-notifications/issues/359 for it.
  • Everytime I remove a channel it reappears 30 sec later...why??
    That's a bug most likely related to the update queue. Try pausing it (context menu on the refresh button in the panel or setting it to 0 in the options), removing the channel, waiting a bit and then re-enabling it. This will be fixed in the upcoming webextension version.
  • I come back to the updated Firefox Dev Edition 57.0 and now the app works like a charm!
    That's unfortunate. Let me know to jtvnotificationssupport@humanoids.be or @freaktechnik on Twitter if you'd like to solve whatever isn't working as expected. Be it adding users/channels, stream statuses not updating, notifications not showing up, I'm happy to try and find the issue.
    I hope we can resolve this, since I'm not interested in bugs either.
  • Works perfectly well !

    if i can just say something to make it even better , it would be maybe the possibility to edit a Youtube-live link toward a Youtube-gaming-live url but its not a big deal
  • Does a nice job. This does everything I want and more. :)
  • My suggestions: add "Favorites" tab for quick access to selected streams regardless of whether they are online or offline. Maybe add an option to display a pop-up notification only for the favorites.
  • Works flawlessly. Keep it up!
  • Your addon is making my life better, 10/10 would never uninstall, keep the good work :)
    PS : np for livestreamer, I understand, I was just talking about the ability to execute any shell command on leftclick, not linked to livestreamer
    As I said, being able to execute any shell command would require the user to install an additional binary on their machine. And it would require me to maintain such a binary.

    I am open to suggestions to improve the new flow with copying, someone for example requested to get an access key to the context menu item. I am also looking into adding some keyboard shortcuts to the panel.
  • The best twitch notifier
    Thank you. I am very honored by that and hope to keep it like that!
  • ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
  • At first I really like this add-on and still do, but ever since using it there just have been problems over time such as the channel list not auto-updating and multiple times when updating the add-on it deletes the channels I follow. And now it has done it again. It just too much of a hassle doing this every few months.
    I sadly let through a bug every now and then (like auto update being unreliable), but it should never've just delted the channels, unless the database was corrupted (which is either Firefox crashing or something similar going wrong). However I do feel like the past few updates have been way more stable (yes, the last update had some very quick patches until everything worked again). Further I am surprised that you just got an update, since the last update has been long ago.
  • To me its a super handy tool cause im shit at keeping track of when people i want to watch does stream, though the main reason why im giving it a 4 star instead of a 5 star is because adding youtube channels does not seem to work. Well, either it doesnt work or im doing it wrong.
    The problem with youtube is that there are many ways to refer to a channel and it can sometimes be pretty complicated to figure out the one the extensions looks for, as explained on http://streamnotifier.ch/help/channels-manager/#youtube it takes the username in the URL. However there are like four different URL formats for channels. But it essentially isn't the name you see directly under videos and not the weird combination of letters and numbers, though I'm looking into also supporting adding by ID so all channels can be added, not just ones with an URL slug. If you have more questions, please contact me over one of the channels listed here: http://streamnotifier.ch/help/#contact
  • really good addon easy to use and many features, but after awhile if you put a short update interval like 5 or 10 it will slow down firefox and will start to lag firefox, if I disable this addon it doesnt lag for me... I have an i7 and 8 gb ram, tried this addon on firefox 84x, waterfox and nightly all do the same...
    EDIT: I didnt know that about the twitch API thanks for the reply very helpful amazing developer!! :D
    I tried to reproduce this with around 40 channels from mixed providers in the latest development version (an older development version is available on https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/justintv-stream-notificatio/versions/beta btw) and did notice a memory leak in the update queue. I'm investigating if I can do anything about it, or at least avoid it as much as possible.

    Further each update will trigger an update to the panel, so updating this often will lead to constant update to the panel, which slows Firefox no matter what.

    I also want to note that depending on the providers you're using and amount of channels such a small interval does not make sense. For example for twitch all channels are updated at once and the twitch API only updates the status of channels about every minute. On the other hand for youtube there is one request per channel, so if there are many youtube channels having an interval like 5 or 10 might make sense. The reason the extension doesn't update everything at once is to spread out the load on the APIs. If you send me details of the channels you have in your list to martin@humanoids.be I can help you optimize the preferences for your queue (including the hidden settings).
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