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Why was Just Disable Stuff created?

I was really disappointed when FireFox team decided to remove "disable JavaScript" option from preferences - I often used this option, it was very, very useful for me, especially when I used weaker hosts that was unable to handle ton of ads, trackers, and even with Ghostery and Noscript help I had hard time. I was forced to use about:config to switch JavaScript on and off, but it's not very comfortable, especially on tablets or when I had to switch between on and off rapidly. When I learned Firefox SDK (due to commision), I decided to make some extremely simple addon that will just reasemble missing FireFox option. It doesn't have any fancy windows, icons, options, configuration, nothing - it's just KISS, old school thing. I hope You'll like it - well, at least for a while, as it's designed to be "invisible" for You - just to become yet another button to use whenever You need to... Just Disable Javascript. Some time ago I also added feature that allows You to Just Disable Images and decided to rename project to Just Disable Stuff.

What's next for Just Disable Stuff

It's so simple and clean, so solid and stabile, so I don't think that I'll have to make version 1.2 or anything further. What I want to do is to make more KISS "hacks" for FireFox - simplest tools are most universal tools. You can do a lot of useful things using stick, knife or duct tape, while You can't do very much with onion peeler (but it's still very good tool if You have to peel a lot of onions). Anyway, if further hacks will be small enough, I'll just add them to Just Disable Stuff, or rename it to KISS Pack and keep updating.

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