190 reviews for this add-on
  • it would have been 5 stars if it can handle large files...
  • ...actually Firefox has always rendered JSON beautifully without the need for any plugin.
  • Elegant design. Great for traversal of JSON apis, with hyperlink detection.
  • asfasfasfasfa
  • displays json files that i have saved locally in a simply, pretty printed format. was learning how to create/save json files from scraping project using python script and needed to see if json files created successfully so looked for a way to view the json files and with this extension, i simply drag and drop local json files to browser and firefox then shows json file in clean format.
  • very good add-ons
  • i cant add to newest firefox version
  • ok
  • didn't work on Firefox 57 .. please update
  • 试试,应该很好用
  • Was perfect. Now sadly, no longer works with the "new" Firefox Quantum (v57).
  • 当json为linkedhashmap有序时,返回结果却是无序
  • Perfect for my needs.
  • Great add-on, works as expected.
  • Great add-on. Works perfectly and is well maintained across Firefox versions
  • Go from key:value soup, to structured JSON in less than a second.
    Works as advertised!
  • some site not work
  • Thank you for a great extension, and thanks for making it easy to add new content types (I needed "application/vnd.api+json"). Didn't even have to restart. I've just build a json API for an important government dataset, and you've helped.
  • Thank you for it!
  • good job congratulations!!
  • Installed in under 5 seconds on winXP .
    Worked out of the box,presenting jason in the best way i ve seen in a browser.:)
    Biggy thanks!!
  • Great to see such high quality work. Thank you for it.
  • Extensions like JSONView are the reason why I use Firefox! Thanks to Ben Hollis and Mozilla for their work.
  • Clean and fast - without mistakes.

    I want to open a page that has JSON, and thanks to the add-on, you can just load the page and it will be a collapsible/expandable and well-formatted structure.
  • Works perfectly