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  • This is the only one which works well when the json includes html.It's perfect!

  • I tried a lot of json plugin(10+). This is the only one which can showing json correctly even if json contains some html tag as value. Appreciate your effort!

  • 对我来说其它的JSON插件都是狗屁!这个才是能用的!


  • Nothing else does, for my usage cases, not even those for which you can adjust auto-detect settings.Or those which had been labeled to work with SM even when they were version-compatible.

    Auto-detect would be nice, seems to work in most other extension/browser combinations, but this is just fine. Not big on the colors (kind of painful for me, even though they are pale) and I would do something to tweak font and layout even though i can respect the overall style choices - they just don't work best for me. Collapsible, and copy works - very nice.

    Fantastic, thank you. Hope to see this remain "compatible" with SM.

  • Excellent, thanks ! I had trouble having JSONView work with FF 20+, this add-on works perfectly.

  • Sorry for my deleted review, it was a mistake.

    Actually this addon is very useful! It's the only one which has a button to decode JSON manually. It allows not to depend on HTTP headers and get a decode even when they aren't set properly at some server. And sometimes they aren't, then other addons fail. And your - works.

    Also a small wish: please make a support for automatic json decoding for files with certain extensions and mime types in response headers, alongside with the manual decode button you already have.

    Thanks and good luck!

  • Thanks for addon.
    Is it possible to shorten JSON Decode in statusbar to icon or "JD"

  • 不错喔~ 服务器返回的是text/html,只有这个插件可以用。

  • Really useful for me: I'm verifying json messages on a server that doesn't give them an extension or a content type. All the other json-rendering add-ons I've found rely on one or other of these to know when to render a document as json. This one, however, gives me control -- a quick ctrl-q and the json is pretty-printed.

    Word wrapping would be a nice touch!

  • Interesting idea to have a statusbar button to activate formatting of JSON sent without the proper content type header, this addresses a situation which my addon doesn't yet. I note that it actually doesn't work properly in Firefox 3.5 or 3.6, so marking it compatible with 0.3 might be optimistic - other than that it seems to do what it promises.

    May I point out that I have not given permission for my authorship or license boilerplate to be removed from json2html.js which I originally wrote in December 2010 for JSONovich (see http://code.google.com/p/jsonovich/source/browse/trunk/modules/json2html.js?r=52 for details). I'd appreciate if this was kindly reinstated in the next release, thank you.