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  • It nice to see opensource and vendor lock-in solutions in this area. While lack of keyboard shortcuts is so painful.
  • It would be awesome if the original URL could also be saved in the Note
    The URL is saved in the note - from the desktop app you can view that URL by clicking on the "I" (Info) icon.
  • Does nothing
  • Would be 5 stars if it worked for me. Unfortunately am having the problem where the OK button runs off the edge of the page.
  • Amazing! Needs a bit polishing as an app, but nonetheless best, most promising note taking open source app!
  • I can't imagine how usefull and reliable this simple add-on is at such an early stage of development.
    I loved it at once! What is especially stunning is how effectively it can clip simpilified pages: it never misses useful content and never copies anything on top. The only three features I miss now are:
    1. (that is probably a funtion of Joplin itself rather than Web Clipper) is automatic linking to a source web page in the note where the screenshot clip is copied to.
    2. a big push button in the web clipper interface which will switch focus from Firefox to the Joplin with the note that's just been created. Additionally, an option which will make switch of a focus as automatic after clip creation.
    3. select text on a page, right click and "send to Joplin". I.e. copy selected page elements to a new note in Joplin
  • Wonderfull work! I think i might just found a solution for the long run
  • How has this Add-on have so few users. Joplin is Open Source, End to End Encryted (you have to enable E2E), syncs with Dropbox (etc), you can import all of your notes from Evernote (who have questionable privacy policies), the macOS App is stable, looks great and has this Firefox Web Clipper. I hope to see more features in the web clipper but apart from that this App and Add-on are great.

    8 Months on, I was one of the first to use this add-one and for an open source evernote alternative there really isn't much better. Give it ago,and help the dev team iron out any issues, and request features. Lets help make this the very best Open Source evernote Alternative.
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