Suggestions Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Good work.
There are some suggestions to make it best.
Some bugs:
- The Bookmarks toolbar and some other toolbar (Stumble) are "switched" with visual styles in my computer than it appears in the image. So I have first "white bookmark toolbar", than "Blue toolbar" and than "any other white toolbar I add".
- Spin fields in dialog menus (number chooser with + - buttons) don't display correctly.
- Radio buttons - selected one is not marked
- Close button on find-bar (ctrl-F) is buggy
- What happened to hover effect? There is some for the regular buttons (back, forward etc.) (new tab is weird) but none for others from extensions. So if they didn't bother to make icon change there is no hover effect at all. I suggest to make some gradient rectangle (like in classic / other themes) so it will look much nicer (better than text hover effect in bookmarks toolbar) and will work for ALL buttons.
- Nether there is no visual effect when I press the button. so it's like clicking on the image - no responsiveness at all.
- Main menu is unchanged - still classic ugly.
- I don't like the close tab button and its color is completely does not fit the gray-blue style of this theme.
- The category/tab icon isn't visible in the tools->options menu when it selected.