78 reviews
  • I just started using it, no experiences as yet.
  • Блокирует глобально, для всех сайтов сразу. Классно.
  • As of 1/30 this add on appears to hijack links. When clicking links a new tab opens a page on 'iyfsearch.com'.
  • Work's great
  • OBVIOUS malware.
    You don't need those permissions to turn a settings flag on/off.
  • Very convenient!
  • On phone: seems great at first, but the toolbar option to disable/enable disappears after restarting Firefox, and you need to go to add-ons and disable and reenable the plugin each time.
  • Ja ist gut
  • super....................................
  • I'm overall pretty satisfied with this extension, but I have specific problem with it. I have a noscript-tag wrapped around a couple of link-tags in the head of my page. Using this extension to turn off JS, the noscript-tag is ignored and the stylesheets in the link-tags are not loaded - if I turn off JS in dev-tools settings, it works. There should be no difference.
  • Permet de résoudre le problème javascript survenu avec la mise à jour 60.0
    OFF puis ON et tout revient dans l'ordre!

    Solves the issue with Javascript that occured with version update 60.0
    Switch to OFF then ON and everythings works back!
    Thanks a lot!!!
  • I had this add-on installed, but after a while any page containing javascript was prevented from loading, irrespective the settings in of the add-on: I've uninstalled the add-on and any page loads again.
  • Aún no la tengo porque no sé cómo instalarla.
  • O firefox estava travando para entrar em vários sites, incluindo o do gmail, e descobri que era por causa dessa extensão, pois, ao desabilitar ela, o firefox parou de travar instantaneamente.