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Is there any option to disable JS to change the window title?

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Not working for FF 6.0a1 after manually editing maxversion into install.rdf file. For FF 3.# is working fine, a simple interface to acces the javascript options without diving about:config

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resurrect for future versions Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Please also consider creating a GUI for CAPS (yes, firefox)

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The website said there would be no future updating for this extension.

Preliminar OK! Rated 4 out of 5 stars

I also switched from NoScript. NoScript is becoming too much heavy. I suspect it causes near 20% of one CPU core usage with GMail. Ironically, I was using NoScript mainly because of keep system load under control. You know. Safe Porn.

JavaScript Options is pretty simple. I hope it also prevents JavaScript from doing crazy things in my computer. In my case phishing/scam control is not a requeriment.

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Mikewilsonuk has hit the nail on the head. I started with noscript as my first firefox add-on and switched to javascript options when it took longer to configure noscript than firefox...

Words of wisdom Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Heed the advice of 'mikewilsonuk' the reason I uninstalled noscript and no longer use scribfire is because they tweaked and bloated it until it became more of an incumberance thatn it was worth. make it stable put it to bed and move on...

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Arghhh... you have busted it again. Please stop making releases without proper testing. When it works, it is essential. Then you break it.

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I love this little addon. I spend a good bit of time multitasking on one screen so maintaining the proper size of the window is paramount and this allows me to do that. Anyway, it's always one of the first addons I end up wanting.