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  • Bonita imagen. No hay problemas.

  • This is a beautiful header that I have kept as my theme for probably 7 years. The color choices for text and tab backgrounds is readable.

  • Wonderful and nice design! Very refreshing!

  • Love the colors. And the picture.

  • Colors and imagination

  • 有点中国风

  • It's beautiful! I've always adored Japanese tattoo art.

  • I don't have the right words now, but I always adored Japanese tattoos, and this fine example trumps most of them...

  • es lockert und hebt die eigene stimmung auf

  • Самая - самая отличная тема!

  • Pretty Good Theme

  • Me encantan los colores utilizados, la combinación es muy buena porque el contraste ayuda a apreciar la profundidad del tema.

  • I have repeatedly used the Japanese Tattoo theme for almost a decade. I love the art and kept it throughout the evolution of Fire Fox. Despite trying many other themes, this one sticks with me. I never get tired of looking at the unusual colors, the depth, and the delicious contrast. I wish all designs were as great.

  • really cool

  • Greate Theme!

  • Nice one!

  • I love this theme!! Looks great on my browser :)

  • C'est le thème que j'utilisais il y a quelques mois.
    Très beau, très réussi mais un poil trop sombre pour moi.
    Si vous aimez l'univers du "Japon" ce thème est fait pour vous !

  • Vibrant. Brighten the day when you look at it. Thank you.

  • very nice thanks

  • So amazing!

  • Pretty, and I've been using it for so long that it /is/ the default appearance of Firefox in my mind. Looked nicer in older versions when more of it was displayed, but such is progress, I suppose.

  • I really love the colors in this. The background aquas and greens are very well done/blended, and the other colors vibrant. I do wish the red flower toward the bottom showed up more, and can't really tell the fish is a fish, as it's bisected by the search bar, but do love how the smaller flower shows up at the top and isn't cut off by the address bar. I'm not a fan of violet, usually, but this shade really works. I can't find another theme that even compares to this one. I like some of the patterned paper themes too, but this is still better.

  • This theme deserves its good feedback. Professionally done, with beautiful art. Been using it for years.

  • perfect colours

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