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  • Non funziona neanche a calci. Mi chiedo se chi le scrive 'ste porcate, poi le prova e ne fa manutenzione...
    Tante braccia strappate alla terra !!!!!

  • Doesn't work at all since years.

  • doesn't works.

  • I downloaded this when I was using Firefox 26 and tried again after upgrading to 27with several different pages (including this one) and have had 100% failure rate either way. Even waited 15 minutes--in vain--for a download dialogue to open. Click "save as PDF" and it just hangs up, and you can't do anything else with Firefox while you're waiting for it to do. . . something.

  • It works, but isn't very user-friendly to non-Americans. The page size defaults to 'Letter' and cannot be set to another default value. Most of the rest of the world does not use 'Letter'-sized paper, but A4 as the most common size. PLEASE enable us to set different defaults.

  • Great Tool! Thank You! Very very useful! However there are some functions missing and names are a bit misleading for max rating.

    When producing image "Screen" setting should be default and named "Full Webstie Dump" because the "screen" name suggest that only the visible part on the screen will be dumped, the "screen region", which is done by selecting the resolution which truncates website to a "screen region" of selected size... Please work on nomenclature :-)

    Long story short - there should be distinction between "full website image" and "Truncated website image". Full website image will dump whole website content and write it into an image of selected size/resolution. Truncated website image will truncate website to a selected size (and preferably the position?)...

  • This thing works when its servers aren't smoking on the Moon between Milky Way and Twilight Zone ...
    Never updated, looks like a summer holiday romance, I mean recalling it :)
    I'll be removing my thrilling souvenirs !

  • Works well, but huge omission especially for students and academics - there is no option to include the URL and/or date. That's ironic since this plug-in comes from a group supporting the sciences.

  • Excelente aplicación, supersencilla e intuitiva, calidad muy buena de los archivos; aunque cada tanto padecí cuelgues del mozilla cuando guardaba la pag.web.
    Un problemita a corregir supongo; de todas formas no es importante frente a la utilidad del addon.

  • I'm working on my bachelor's thesis and save all my online sources with this. I downloaded three or four add-ons and this one was the best by far!I just updated to Firefox 5 before realizing, that this add-on doesn't work with it (yet). How long will it take to make that possible? Or: Foxtail wrote about it being compatible, so how do I get it to work? When I open the add-ons tab there is no button to reactivate it. Maybe there is a sneaky way around that? Anybodys help would be much appreciated :)

    Edit1:I found this tutorial: http://www.raymond.cc/blog/archives/2008/10/29/enable-firefox-incompatible-add-ons-and-this-add-on-is-for-older-versions-of-firefox/ Unfortunately it didn't work for me. I decided to switch to Google Chrome for saving the websites, since iWeb2x is available for that as well.

    Edit2: Ok, it didn't work in Chrome. But I found out how to activate the Nightly Tester Tools' forced add-on compatability in FF5 by going in the main menu, where there is an entry for that. So it's back to saving nice PDFs :)

    Edit3: Well, I got my button back and it opens the window, but when I click on "Save as PDF" the loading bar at the bottom starts up and just keeps going. Nothing happens :(

  • so far so good, its fast and does what i want! Great work!

  • This add on appears to work on popular websites, however it didn't work for me on specific sites.

    (The tools add on bar is what you need to see the red disk icon.)

    Developer response

    Would you please share one of the websites that the addon did not work. Remember that the addon does not work on websites that requires login information such as social networks, bank accounts, etc.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  • I've had trouble with firefox printing web pages, all I can does is print it as one page and that's if I zoom out to the point its hard to read. I've used this app with out problems and printing web pages is a lot easier.