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  • Preferences changes require a FF restart, each time. Or at least, picking a new editor does. Now I can say that this add-on is superb. Only suggestions are (1) mention that somewhere prominent, (2) grant the ability to switch between editors on the fly.
  • Love the concept, but it doesn't work under FF3 on XP Pro SP2. Can't select either TextPad or Notepad as my editor, so I presume it can't select any editor at present. I would have submitted an issue on docwhat's site, but had issues with the ticketing system and ran out of time.
  • Top indicates 5% CPU usage increase for Fx (so instead of, say, 2% you'll have 7%), when the plugin is enabled. For me- waste of CPU.
  • Well, thanks for the work ;)

    I' had some issues similar to charmster,
    the install worked fine, but i could not set the default editor, even
    while restating FX (3b5). (some error like : 'The default editor was
    not defined ...', while stored in the configuration ...)
    Like him, i had to rename 'extensions.rdf' and after restart the
    configuration was ok. I can use the contextual menu and the shortcut,
    but i can't see any button (nowhere, (t-left, -right ...) but i don't
    care about, as long the short-cut work, and this is the case).
    I also noticed that a restart is needed for the configuration to take

    Again thks for your work and thks to charmster for his advices.

  • very good idea, gives users a lot of freedom and sves developers o lot of time!
  • Oh, and to make it work in FF 3 you need to restart FF3 after having set your editor.
  • Great and sorely needed!
  • That I can write this review in emacs rather than the little textarea on mozilla.org is wonderful. I use It's All Text! almost daily, mostly with the TWiki on our intranet. I have created an emacs major mode associated with a suffix I added to the It's All Text! list, so I can edit TWiki markup very easily.

    All is not quite perfect, however. Another has asked for a different command line per suffix so that we needn't create scripts to manage the demultiplexing. While I can handle that in emacs, I can see the value of different command lines for each file type. That idea doesn't go far enough, however. IAT always uses the most recent suffix selected for all pages, but there is a better way: manage a default, but allow us to associate different suffixes with web sites and pages.

    IOW, provide a list of suffix/command pairs and allow users to associate a suffix with a web site or even an URL prefix. By the latter I mean that IAT could match the current page's URL against the list of custom URL prefixes. The longest match would provide the suffix to use and, thereby, the command to run. Thus, entries for "https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/reviews" and for "https://addons.mozilla.org" would mean that the former would match when adding reviews for Firefox Add-ons while the latter would match when editing any other form at mozilla.org. With different suffixes associated with each prefix, IAT can run different commands for the two contexts. If no custom prefix matches, then IAT should fall back on a default suffix which the user should be able to specify.
  • So. Handy! Would love to be able to restrict it to only certain domains. Like, I don't really need an edit button on this text box.

    Thanks so much for this. Seriously saved my sanity last week when needing to edit a set of wordpress themes for a client that wouldn't give me access to the server.
  • Not working with night build 20-21 April, 08

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.0; en-US; rv:1.9pre) Gecko/2008041907 Minefield/3.0pre

    Keeps asking for text editor which is full path to Notepad.exe. Also no little edit button on feedback text boxes.
  • Extension does not work with Gmail mail body text area, but e.g. Textarea sputnik (no longer available) works. Please could you give it a glance? Thank you.
    Are you editing using rich text or plain? There is a little link above the textarea when composing an email and if it says "
  • This (and AB+) are the most useful extensions for FF. I simply can't live without them.

    I see you have new versions released that now install on FF3beta; however, it still can't open the editor, no matter what I set in the Preferences box.

    In the name of all would-be FF3 users, please fix this ;-)
  • Finally a complete editor-based browser experience is possible.

    If you're a vi(m) user, the combination of add-on Vimperator http://vimperator.mozdev.org/ and this fantastic extension allows the combination of Unix command line efficiency & power with GUI based convenience.

    Anyone still using email clients like mutt or pine and text browsers like w3m or lynx now have a viable alternative.

    Thank you docwhat.
  • Exactly what do we put in the editor box? Otherwise, this seems very useful.
    This is the path to your preferred text editor. If you click the browse button, you can navigate to the editor of your choice. Note: If you are using Mac OS X, you should probably leave this alone.

  • Using 0.8.4 of "Its All Text".

    I do like this simple add-on ...

    but there is a small bugette. If you enter a textfield using the tab key or back-tab there are some circumstances, which I can not pin down, when you loose the text cursor in the textfield. The workaround is simple. Just click out of the field and then back in and its there.

    I am using Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20080311 Firefox/

    I've only noticed this happening on one textfield which is large - tt least 80 char wide by 25 lines. The textfield is a twiki edit topic page. The textfield can be tabbed into first time and all OK, tabbing out and back in again causes the text cursor to vanish. The textfield can be empty.

    I've also recently turned on Caret Browsing (f7) but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

    But just to re-iterate, then is a lovely simple add-on that does exactly what it says on the tin. I downloaded VIM for windows just so I could feel really at home.
  • OK, after a bit of effort I got this to work and it seems like exactly what I want. But I did have some troubles getting there.

    The first problem was the install failed with a popup error message that include "installLocation has no properties".
    This turns out to be a known bug that sometimes afflicts Firefox, due to be fixed in Firefox 3. You can read about it here.
    The solution is to go into your firefox profile directory and rename "extensions.rdf" to something else, and then restart Firefox. On Linux my profile directory was found as
    where "myusername" is your username, and the ??? are some randomly generated string.

    The next problem was that after selecting vi (really vim) as my editor, I would click on the "edit" button and nothing would happen. This turns out to be my fault -- instead of text based text editor, ITA is expecting an editor that would open it's own window, like xemacs. But I wanted to use vi. After some poking I solved this as well.

    I created a shell script in my home directory bin. Roughly like this:

    charmer[57] cat >> ~/bin/konsole-vim

    # Start a window running vim using the passed args
    /opt/kde3/bin/konsole -e /usr/bin/vim "$*"
    charmer[58] chmod +x ~/bin/konsole-vim

    This script starts the KDE version of xterm, and then runs vim inside it,
    passing it the filename specified by the "It's All Text" plugin.

    Note that this solution is specifc to using the KDE desktop. If you use Gnome you'll need to do something slightly different (replacing konsole with the Gnome equivalent; xterm would probably work for both Gnome and KDE).

  • This extension works great! I'm writing this review with Leafpad right now
  • For a chronic sufferer of digital diarrhoea, this little add-on is an unlikely combination of the bee's knees, the wasp's nipples, and the bear's balls.

    I don't want multiple snazztaztic editors, or a database of pithy snippets, I just want to not blather on in a tiny little textarea where (due to many people's nanoscopic attention span) the last 3 lines of text are immediately forgotten by the reader and flames ensue.

    Oh, and the "Remove all Bugs" definitely works on this system! Pity it doesn't remove the OS bugs... sorry, "undocumented features".

    Well done, O Author. Eeeeexcellent!
  • Great extension. Doesn't work in 3.0 beta 3, but I am hoping that an update is comming soon.
  • As an OS X 10.5 Emacs user, this plugin works very well. I use it with Twiki at home and Confluence at work. Thanks for making my life easier.

    I just downloaded FF3 b2 and it states that it is incompatible. I understand the reasoning -- this release is so new.

    To the author: I hope you continue your support well into FF3.
    I was spending most of my IAT time on a newer version that won't have the memory leak in it. It should also perform better.

    Since it was obvious that FF3 was coming quickly, I took some time to fix the "stable" version and bump it's support to (currently) 3.0pre (the current max). I'll also bump it to 3.0 as soon as I can do that (AMO only allows certain versions).

  • This is a good plugin EXCEPT: It installs an EDIT button for the text window, and right-clicking the button brings up a menu of file types to edit. One would think choosing from the menu would start up different editors depending on the file type. Nonetheless, the application only allows one editor. Apparently it just uses this editor for different kinds of files. The developer suggests supplying a script or CMD file to do more complex things, but I think the application should allow individual editors to be associated with individual extensions.
  • Been using this extension for the better part of a year. On Win XP, I use it in conjunction with Notepad++ as the editor, and aspell. Notepad++ uses aspell spelling dictionaries if installed. For me, this means that I can use one single spellcheck dictionary rather than having a separate one in my text editor and in my browser. My editor for Firefox is the same one I use for everything else, so in this way, It's all Text is extremely handy. If there's anything I hate is having multiple installations of things that really should all be integrated. Next to Adblock Plus and Nosquint, this is my favourite extension.
  • Once you've tried it you can't live without it.
  • Das ist soo geil! Mit dem Tool kann man perfekt CMS-Inhalte o.ä. bearbeiten. Mit rechtem Mausklick und "open as" sogar mit korrekter html-Auszeichnung.

    10 Punkte!
  • Works as advertised! Great time-saver and powerful extension. I was looking for something that emulated vi/vim in a textarea, but this is even better! Appreciate developer's sense of humor as well.