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  • Works pretty well, but doesn't seem to like "gnuclient" as my editor.
    File a bug with the details at http://trac.gerf.org/itsalltext/

  • Cool extension that allows one to use an external editor of choice.
  • Really cool stuff. But since a week or so (not sure if it was the FF3.0.4 update), the autocomplete in the To: Field in Yahoo Mail (the new one) doesn't work anymore. After disabling the AddOn it works again. Didn't have problems before.
  • Great!

    But since Version 1.0 Stylish button integration ist not supported anymore?
    The stylish support should be working again. If you see problems, you can submit bugs to http://trac.gerf.org/itsalltext
  • An absolutely great addon. Highly appreciated. It takes so much of the annoyance of web forms. The way of updating the textbox, the yellow blinking, is so clear. Marvellous in terms of UI.
  • Forget my previous comment, I found a fix and I give the extensions 5 stars as promised.

    here is the fix http://blog.circlesixdesign.com/2007/02/23/textmate-firefox/
  • I love the idea, I'm sure the extension is really useful but unfortunately it doesn't work on Mac OS X 10.5.5 and Firefox 3.03. If it did it would deserve five stars...
  • Great, great, great !
    Simply a big thank you to you.
  • Very cool, I like it a lot.
  • afaik best solution for advanced textarea editing
  • Nice add on, but it leaks memory when gmail is open.

    Several times since I updated to FF 3.0.1 on Win XP Pro I noticed FF memory usage over 500MB!
    A binary search removing add-ons and open tabs revealed the offending combination of ItsAllText v0.8.5 + Gmail.
    Memory leaks were detected using the how to at:https://wiki.mozilla.org/QA:Home_Page:Firefox_3.0_TestPlan:Leaks:LeakTesting-How-To

    Version 1.0 should no longer have that memory leak.
  • Not even close mozex, still the only option for firefox 3 users.
  • I use this plugin for sophisticated editing which Firefox don't provide.
  • Love it! Definitely better than Mozex. One big advantage is that if you navigate away from a page and then come back to it, the document you have open in the external editor will still be connected to the textarea. This is very nice if you happen to have a lot of tabs open and close the wrong one by mistake and then reopen it. Just save in your editor and the contents will plop right back into the textarea.

    I had to knock a star off for how difficult it was to resolve the "quarantine bit" issue, below ...

    @HippoMan: I have this working on MacOSX 10.5.3, with GVim as my editor. The one problem I had - and this may be what's causing your problem - is the "quartantine" bit that MacOSX sets. This was prevented GVim from launching. I had to create an intermediate script to remove the bit before opening GVim. Details can be found at the bottom of this page: http://trac.gerf.org/itsalltext/wiki/support
  • I have tried what gortsleigh suggested on Aug. 13, 2008, but it doesn't work with me on MacOSX 10.5 with an Intel processor. The /usr/local/bin/openemacs shell script never even gets invoked by It's All Text (I know this because I put debugging code into this script, and it never gets executed).

    File permissions are correct (-rwxr-xr-x), and I can properly run /usr/local/bin/openemacs from the command line as any user. It appears as if It's All Text isn't able to run that script at all under my environment.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.
  • I just stumbled on this addon today. As others have mentioned, a restart is required after changing the editor. I have also not been able to get it to work with gnuclient defined as my editor. I'm currently "suffering" with an XEmacs start on each edit. ("Suffering" is in quotes because starting up XEmacs for every edit is still far better than using the feeble edit capabilities.)
  • Here's how to make it work in OS X (Tried on 10.4 PPC). I will show how to use Emacs, choose a different path for the editor of your choice.

    First, create a shell script so there will be no spaces in the editor path for the plugin:

    From the shell:
    sudo vi /usr/local/bin/openemacs

    /usr/bin/open -a /Applications/Emacs.app "$@"

    sudo chmod a+rx /usr/local/bin/openemacs

    In Firefox:
    Tools -> It's All Text! -> Preferences...
    set editor to /usr/local/bin/openemacs
    click OK

    QUIT Firefox and RESTART or your preference will not be saved

    And now ... it should all work!
  • As mentioned in other reviews: Editor changes require a browser restart. It should be possible to use a preferences observer to update the changes (I haven't taken apart the code so I am just assuming here).

    Once I knew I had to restart the browser (you should make that a button on the preferences list or something; when I first set the editor I went back to surfing and wondered why the darned thing would not work). Make the documentation of this requirement more obvious.
  • Love it "when it works," but I can not set an editor with this version in FireFox 3.
  • Stuck with this error: "unable to open your text editor" .
    But i like the idea of the extension
  • Using version 0.8.5, latest at the time of this writing, along with Firefox 3.0.3.

    First of all, after I got it installed and working, it has a serious bug. On some sites, with just having it enabled (not using it), it will freeze FF when using the Back button or switching from one site to another. Not all the time, but just on some sites. If you attempt to click on the Home button in FF after this freeze, FF will crash. This happens on one of my sites, soldiersofvalor.org. Try going there with It's All Text enabled in FF 3.0.3, then go to one of your other bookmarks. Snap, it freezes as if loading the page forever. Disable this add-on and test. No issues.

    Fails from the start. This add-on reports that it's unable to launch my text editor. I've tried Notepad++, Visual Studio, Notepad, and Wordpad. I'm running Win XP SP-3 with Firefox 3.0.1 and this add-on doesn't work. Very little troubleshooting or information about it from the author's site. Don't bother using if you are running FF3 and WinXP until a version is posted that is greater than 0.8.5.

    Even then, with this track record of my experience, I'll never touch this add-on again unless I want a troubleshooting headache. Concept is great, execution is horrid.
  • The best text box editor - discreet and it works great with emacs
  • Very good, finally I can use vim at the web.
  • Excellent! And it's got the "Remove all bugs" check box!
  • Thanks a TON! Works like a charm. I used to use Mozex but that doesn't work
    with Firefox 3. But "It's all text" works great though, and does what I want!

    Thanks again,