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  • This program is doing the same thing to me. It is deleting texts that I expected to be able to refer back to.

    According to the other review, it is a deliberate part of the software and I find that unintelligible.

    This program is useless to me as it is I am quite sorry to say.
  • This would be an excellent add-on except that it deletes the files you saved after 7 days. It is a hard-coded "feature" -- see below.

    I just found out that I lost several months of writing. I may be able to retrieve some from backups if my backup system saves old files. Even there, I expect considerable loss.

    I understand that the Internet runs on the most cynical of intentions, but software that destroys the output of its users is a new twist.

    A look through itsalltext.js shows the offending code starting at about line 900. A hard-coded destruction mechanism.

    Christian Höltje -- fix your product! The difference between one star and five is your poor documentation skills. If you fix it, I'll upgrade the review.
    Can you explain what happened in more detail? I can be contacted via https://docwhat.org/email/ if it is private.

    Hmm... okay, I'm taking a guess: Did you set the "Working Directory" to where you save normal documents? And then it cleaned up all files over 7 days?

    I'll change that label to "Cache Directory" instead and mention that it auto-cleans up that directory.
  • It's a wonderful extension. Works great with emacsclient.
  • Brilliant idea, now I can use my editor with TiddlyWiki! I can now edit multiple lines at the same time, etc... great to have this extension!
  • The process of opening text in an external editor and saving the edited back to the web page works flawlessly. However, there is one issue that makes this pretty unusable for me: Even though the character set is UTF-8 (default), any non-ASCII characters in the text saved back to the browser get replaced with weird characters—diacritics (special characters in other languages), even typographic quotation marks. This happens with any editor I've tried (including Vim, Notepad, LibreOffice), so it's clearly a matter of this addon, not of the external editor. I'm still assuming this is a matter of settings, as no one else seems to have this issue. There even is a five-star review in Japanese below... However, when I copy and paste the Japanese text into an external editor and save it back to Firefox with this addon, all characters are replaced by question marks. Doh. Any help appreciated!
  • Part of my core FF build.
  • This feature is built-in to Pentadactyl. Try pressing .

    To set up, refer to Simon's answer in this link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/75652/is-there-a-firefox-add-on-to-use-vim-to-edit-textboxes/27177918#27177918
  • フォーム内容をテンプレートとして使用している場合、作業効率がかなり改善されます。
  • Firefox's built in editor isn't bad, but for serious text editing it's joy to easily pop the text out into a full featured text editor. Especially helpful at Facebook, where I regularly forget I need to use Ctrl+Enter to create a new line and accidentally post incomplete things.
  • Abandoned? There are still outstanding bugs with respect to Stylish, but the author is no longer replying to the Stylish developer or updating the extension in any other visible way.
  • I love this - I have to fill in plenty of forms, update wikis etc at work, and this makes it all bearable!
  • Awesome! vim everywhere!
  • It's All Text is the first addon I install whenever I set up Firefox on a new machine. I can't imagine editing text of any size in a simple textarea anymore; having the power of Vim at my fingertips makes writing for the web much more convenient. If you have a favorite text editor, you need this addon!
  • Really a tremendous add-on....Not sure how I would live without it sometimes. If only it could work with gmail then I would be in heaven :)
  • It works perfect on my Ubuntu 13.10 laptop!
  • Great extension! I've used it for years. Works perfectly with gVim in Linux. And can work with the new Gmail by installing the extension from oldcompose.com
  • I can't express sufficiently what a great add-on this is. There are some detailed instructiuons for its setup for Linux & Mac on Wikipedia:

  • Using it with gvim - works great!
  • For editing Wikis and e-mails in Gmail, this plugin is a *must*. I gladely donated to the author to keep up the great work.
  • Giving 4 stars in anticipation.
    Just checking the add-on, right now !!!!!
  • It's All Text works great for me with Firefox 14 on OS X Lion to edit Mediawiki with the now free and open source Textmate.
  • This is a great addon that works well on most websites. But, in case of GMail, It works well only when you use basic HTML view.

    If you use the Standard view, and try to compose an email, It's all text allows you to edit the address and the subject fields; However, you cannot edit the body of the email using It's all text.

    I do most of my work on GMail. I need It's all text to work in GMail. Is there a workaround for this? If yes, there is a monetary contribution coming your way.
  • Very useful.
    Makes Gmail usable.
    Useful for editing Wikipedia articles.
    Useful whenever you need to edit multi-line texts
  • Nice add-on!
  • I installed this strictly for the purpose of using it at AllPoetry.com, where I critique poems posted by numerous people. It actually works for this, and very well. However, while this addon is enabled I am unable to use the Instant Messenger functionality at the site. So if someone sends me an IM, I have to disable this addon in order to reply, and then reenable it in order to use it for critiquing posts. Pretty annoying.

    If not for this, I would give it five stars and send a donation.
    If you can file a bug at http://github.com/docwhat/itsalltext or contact me at http://docwhat.org/email I'd appreciate it. I'll take a look into what's going on. I'm not familiar with AllPoetry.com but IAT should *never* remove buttons.