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  • super useful addon, link with a good notepad app (npp) and get rid of small input boxes of lack of color syntaxis
  • Workaround : you can use Waterfox (a "cleaned" firefox) to use all old extensions...

    « Features:
    - Disabled Encrypted Media Extensions (EME)
    - Disabled Web Runtime (deprecated as of 2015)
    - Removed Pocket
    - Removed Telemetry
    - Removed data collection
    - Removed startup profiling
    - Allow running of all 64-Bit NPAPI plugins
    - Allow running of unsigned extensions
    - Removal of Sponsored Tiles on New Tab Page
    - Addition of Duplicate Tab option
    - Locale selector in about:preferences > General »
  • It's so sad. It's the only reason I still use Firefox. There is nothing coming close on any other browsers. Use of your own custom editor, never lose anything even with exit/back-button.
  • One more great extension, stopped working in Quantum. One reason less to use Firefox. Pity.
  • The extension, I use most often. Crucial if you run a wiki for example. Simply most have. Unfortunately it now is broken and cannot/will not be fixed. I wonder if breaking useful extensions will help keeping people using Firefox. People like me need to optimize time, not display speed of useless web sites. The latter are made for Chrome users.

    Workaround: install an old FF version or replace with more complicated solutions.
  • What the use of FF57 if there is no It’s all Text ?
  • This was the most important extension for many years. I really miss it on Quantum :-)
  • This is THE extension that I really miss in quantum
  • Please, really need an update for Firefox Quantum.
    Best Add-on ever <3
  • Was the **Best** addons for editing text with ease and without the fear of loosing anything by miss-clic or so…

    I'm pretty sad to see that with WebExtension, only alternative for editing text with external editor are not working, or might work but after make use of socery incantation (setting up a server and etc…) !
  • Thank you, docwhat, for this very useful companion. I hope you find the time to update it for the new add-ons framework so it remains on the tool belt on FF57 and beyond. Your work on this is appreciated by many, certainly by me!
  • It's All Text is one of the 2 or 3 most important extensions for a programmer's web browser. If you edit any plain text, Markdown text, or any other kind of formatted text or program source, you should use It's All Text and a serious editor like GVim or your preferred alternative.

    It's All Text works great with JIRA, GitLab, and other web tools that involve text editing and formatting.
  • The title sums up the appeal of this extension: edit text boxes content in emacs. Been using it for years. Unvaluable.
  • Extremely handy extension, but the edit button doesn't appear on Firefox with e10s enabled unless you switch tabs and then switch back. Still usable though.
  • Excellent addition. Thank you.

    Context menu item is there, even the whole submenu there.
  • Like the add on. But sometimes doesn't play nice with Gmail. Will only let you edit mail with the editor. It returns you back to Gmail, then can only edit by opening via the add on. Seems to nuke the ability to make minor changes in the text area with the app.
    I think it may be a compatibility problems between it and
    Restore your email settings addon.
  • Great when it works, but it doesn't work at all on the sites I most want it, like Facebook and Wikipedia. Also would be nice if there were an option for a context menu item.
  • When you get used to it, you can't go back. Effective and to the point, you can use your favorite editor in a lot of places and it will save you a lot of frustration.
    Program your editor to save a copy in a safe place when called by "It's all text" and you'll be grateful when finding the next broken web form...

    PD the the link on the "see more..." page is broken. ;-) --- had to find it manually. Thanks for the extension!
  • Uses minimal resources and makes it a cinch to add IAT support to your own extension.

    Not sure why a previous reviewer is complaining about "undocumented" features, a very quick glance at the options plainly states IAT will clean up whatever folder you use as a cache.
    If you use a folder with important documents in it then you should expect them to be cleaned as well...

    Of course you'd expect important documents to be backed up
  • A great idea, and it works in _most_ text-editing areas. But not, for some reason, in Yahoo Mail, which is primarily why I tried it. Can that be fixed, or is there something about YM's editor that prevents it?

    BTW, I don't know why the previous reviewer ranted like that. When you open IAT's Options, it clearly says the cache folder—which is intended to be temporary anyway (that's why it's called "cache", not "backup")—is auto-cleaned every 7 days. If I were a developer, I'd never assume anyone wanted a cache folder to keep accumulating content for even more than one or two days.

    If you want local copies of anything you're writing, you need to specifically save them that way, not assume that temporary copies will be retained for any length of time. Local editors (e.g. Microsoft Word) keep temporary copies too, so the user doesn't lose the work they're immediately doing if there's a problem with the app or the system. These copies are eventually deleted automatically, too.

    Here's what I _really_ don't get: If this ranting user was actually using IJT's cache folder as a working file folder, they would've had to open ITJ's Options to see its location (hidden away in a sub-subfolder of the user's Firefox profile). Which means they also saw the auto-clean warning. So I guess I'll apologize for them for their baffling and unnecessarily abusive behavior.
  • I'm using gVim in Windows10 as the external editor. If you select the html option to edit you get syntax highlighting.
  • Thank you very much for this, but unfortunately it doesn't work on the two sites I use most: Youtube and Google+. Pity.

  • How could I live without this extension? It works. It allows me to edit in my comfortable editor that is good at editing, and allows me to browse in my comfortable browser that is good at browsing, and bwings the twain to meet.
  • As a developer I LOVE this addon. Editing code can be a relief if it is done in your favorite editor with a nice syntax highlighting instead of an ugly textarea.

    An of course cache files are deleted after some time ;)

    It is a pity to see how some people give a bad review for a nice tool that they simply don't understand...
  • this is just genius