Lots of bugs, but interface is sort of worth it. Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Its interface is definitely better than Readability, and the page recognition is nice. But, there a quite a few bugs that need working out. Some pictures are reformatted incorrectly for example. Also, sometimes text charts lose their borders. The same type of chart can either have a border or not, it's rather hit and miss. Also, some text ads may get through and be displayed at the side taking up several lines creating massive blank spaces. Overall though, I'd stick with this add on and see if the bugs get fixed.

---EDIT (1/1/2012)--
I checked the bugs page in the add on description and it seems the developer stopped replying to the bugs and features after July 2010. Not sure what that means yet, but I've emailed the developer, Samabox, to see if they are still actively developing the add on.