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Excellent and useful for comparing prices. Now, however, it has become a pop-up adware machine: When I looked up "North Carolina" on Wikipedia, I got a drop-down ad urging me to "Buy Big Bubba's Guide to North Carolina BBQ at Buy.com!" No thank you -- I uninstalled the extension. If future versions include an option to omit the drop-down ads, I'll try it. Until then, NOBODY WANTS MORE ADVERTISING IN THEIR BROWSER, EINSTEIN!!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (2.4). 

It's a soon-to-be-fixed bug (not adware)

Please accept my apologies for the errant notification. InvisibleHand had mistaken that page for a book listing and shown a notification. This isn't supposed to happen, and we'll be fixing the issue within the next few days. InvisibleHand is not Adware. It only shows notifications when you're browsing a product. In this specific instance. it made an error, and we'll be fixing it imminently.