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  • Just saved $2.77 on 2-pack of Energizer Max C batterries
  • Just saved $53 off on a $475 expresso maker I purchased. Was about to buy is at Amazon, and InvisibleHand found it for $53 off. Cha-ching! Time to take the family out to dinner with my savings.
  • I got lost in the complicated process.Very poor directions on how to move forward.I was grateful for the clear remove sign
  • Most of the time the results show the same one I've already picked out or something else entirely (ad?) although I only really look at it when I'm comparing it to what I'm actively purchasing or on pages that have nothing to do with a purchase. Otherwise, the main reason for three stars is everything I look up gets sent to Google search. I'll use this when this becomes more relevant and repaired.
  • It is great to have a site that checks prices automaticly
  • I
  • Works great with Amozon and ebay has saved me money several times
  • I'll switch to the price shopping add-on that first develops e10s support for Firefox, whether it is priceblink, invisiblehand or another.
  • App has saved me money many times on items I was buying.
  • I have been using it for work and home now for about six months. It has saved me money numerous times. A good example: I was on the Best Buy website and they are advertising 24 the complete series on DVD for $99.99. The Invisible hand informed me that Amazon has the same set for $69.99. Thirty Dollars Saved! Love this App!!
  • Just saved me 10 bucks on a lamp I was looking at on Amazon! Exact same lamp!
  • Constant spamming popups asking if I want to use Bing as a search engine. Checked in preferences and multiple times when pop up asked, but it keeps popping up. BS. Uninstalled.
  • I installed InvisibleHand a little over a month ago. In that time I purchased two laptops, made mulitple car rental reservations and purchased other items online. Only once did InvisibleHand provide me with a deal better than what I already found online. It's still a great concept and I'd be willing to keep the add-on if it had a toggle switch so that I can disable it with one click when I'm not looking for a deal online. The pop-up from the add-on is distracting, and while you can temporarily minimize it, anytime the page refreshes, it pops back up and obscures my view of the website I'm visiting.
  • if you are a regular online shopper , you'll really like InvisibleHand. It saves you the hassle of comparing prices and it is alerting when there is a relevant coupon for you. In my opinion, the coupons are also way more reliable than what you generally find via google search or others. Definetly worth it this addon.
  • It used to be a useful tool, but Germany appears to have been taken off the list of countries. Now only UK and USA are supported, although the description still includes Germany. A great pity. Goodbye InvisibleHand!
  • An excellent idea but needs an urgent refresh..
  • Will not get out the way. I rarely use the addon but notice it now because it is getting in the way of me browsing. I'm on hotels.com and it is interfering. Click the 'x' and it won't leave. Going to disable.
    Many of our users have expressed a preference to disable InvisibleHand on Google.com search pages. We're happy to report that the extension no longer appears on such pages.

    We also understand that many users find this feature useful. To accommodate both preferences, we are working on a future release that will give you the ability to control whether or not InvisibleHand shows up on Google search pages.
  • I had the opposite problem. I honestly had rarely used it and for the longest time I couldn't get it to do anything.

    After reading a bunch of these comments I went and selected a bunch of random products. It was as if it wasn't even there.