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  • Does what it says, it inverts images witch I wish it didn't, it will also be disable when typing.
  • Works as described. There is a problem, though. It really slows down certain webpages. Especially HTML video. Videos are less video and more slide-show.
  • For me, white text on a black background is very hard on the eyes. After just a few seconds of reading such text, I can see ghost images when I look away. This extension now makes those pages readable!
  • Excellent addon. It's possible invert color for each tab.
  • Works well and doesn't break sites the way some similar extensions do. Especially like being able to not invert pictures while inverting everything else. Only request would be to add a whitelist feature. Some sites that are already dark you want to keep dark, instead of inverting them (and thus making them white). Add a whitelist option and it's perfect!
  • Something about key hypotenis requires
  • La extensión es buena sufro de la vision y desde que la instale mis ojos no han sufrido ha sido un alivio doy gracias a sus creadores
  • Simple and effective, it's what I want.
  • I think it's easier on my eyes to have white print on black background. I tried an add-on that just darkens the browser windows, but that's just similar to the brightness adjustment on the computer.

    Inverting the webpage colors changes most black-print on white-background to white-print on black-background, which is much less like staring at a light bulb. (It doesn't work on addons.mozilla.org.)

    And then, if you throw in color content, the result of color inversion is a little psychedelic. I like it.

    The add-on adds a little icon in the toolbar. So it's easy to turn the inversion off and on with a quick click.
    Thank you for the comment. Firefox does not allow plugins to alter addons.mozilla.org pages for security reasons.

    Colors can also be inverted globally using the hotkey (alt+shift+r). Or only on the active tab using (alt+r).
  • https://github.com/Max-Github/FireFoxInvertColors/issues/27

    > … 0.1.6 sometimes non-effective with Firefox ESR 52.9.0 and Waterfox 56.2.5

    Issue verified fixed; outdated version 0.1.4 seems to be fine with Waterfox 56.2.6. Upgrading my review from three stars, to five. Thanks!
    This addon is not released for waterfox, I do not really know why you would expect it to be supported.

    In any case waterfox is not a supported platform, I do not have time to maintain support for multiple browsers.

    You are welcome to fork and maintain an addon for waterfox.
  • Your extension broke facebook page. Dialog message falls down of window viewport
    If you need to add special support for website that are not following standards, you are more than welcome to do so. The original design is to have a simple plugin, so works with website that I use.

    You are more than welcome to fork the code and change the functionality to suite your needs. This is an open source project, that you can easily copy.
  • This add-on is very easy to use, convenient and does what is claims. However, since many sites provide a dark theme, which the user very like does not want to colour invert, a white-list feature is urgently needed, in my opinion.