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  • Doug m Holloway and Roxanne c Stine red Lion pa united States developer a wonderful site hope you like
  • good
  • to DISABLE Internet Download Accelerator* (IDA) open a blank tab type in about:config than TYPE in IDA ...
    second one down......extensions.webextensions.ExtensionStorageIDB.migrated.ida@westbyte.com;false LEFT CLICK TO TOGGLE IT TO FALSE as you see........CLOSE THAT TAB RESTART FIREFOX NO MORE IDA ADDON !!! Hope it Helps YOU ALSO HAVE TO DELETE Internet Download Accelerator IN THE PROGRAM FILES IN THE CONTROL PANEL
  • This piece of garbage is a virus. Once installed you cannot remove it. You are forced to reinstall firefox. Do not install this virus.
  • Internet Download Accelerator by WestByte Software is good for

    grabbing all links on a webpage to download.

    is bad for:
    But it slows down single downloads and doesn't store records in the normal Firefox place, it stores the record of previous downloads in another place.

    It constantly nags you to upgrade to the pro version.
  • It's shit. you can't remove it from your laptop/Firefox. Don't install it at all.
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