Not as Impressed yet pleased Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Lets look at this page:
Now if you wanted to check for images to save without opening ever page, Interclue is useless and Cooliris is the add-on that will speed up your work.
It needs an option / button to view page as is, not just text without having to open a tab.
Now lets get this review some positive.
Interclue for the most part is a very clean well written Ext. It does all that the author said without fail. Interclue is not intrusive, not cpu intensive, not memory hungry. Fortunately it will work with Cooliris and can complement each other.
Now we wait to see which author / team will finish their Ext to enable the use of just one.
Cooliris has more work to get there, Interclue failed to see the need and may think it is a sellout.
Gentlemen... Ball is in your court.
Heidi-Ann Kennedy
Scientific Frontline, an SFL ORG news Network publication.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Does Interclue 1.5 do the trick for you?

Hi Heidi. Thanks for the review! Sorry it took us so long to add support for images. It's true that we didn't want to just duplicate what Cooliris has done and show the whole page in browsable form, even though that's pretty easy from a coding standpoint. Instead, with Interclue 1.5 we have introduced the ability to include expandable thumbnails of the larger images on a page within your text summaries. You can configure the size of thumbnails you want in the options. If it's still not quite what you were after do get in touch and let us know. support AT interclue DOT com