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As much as I love it, I had to disable it. One problem is, merely passing by a link activates it. It took me ages to figure out why people on IMDb were filling up my "ignore list" or why a bulletin board was suddenly no longer in threaded mode or was now sorting differently. Disabled it there, but unfortunately, it happens in my yahoo email Spam folder - if I mouse over a Spam email, it later shows it as read, and I don't want that info going back to the spammer. Can't disable it on Yahoo email because they use a dynamic domain name. Assistance from the developers would be appreciated, because, despite these issues, I love the ap.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

1) To disable fetching of "active" URLs across multiple domains: Add a fragment of the URL that appears after the domain name to the "action indicating words list" in Interclue options|advanced|safety

2) To disable all on-hover link fetching: Under interclue options|advanced|performance tweaks; Turn off "fetch headers on hover" and "fetch text on hover". Also, under Interclue options|advanced|hoverclues; Disable Hoverclues.

Soon (maybe not the next version, likely the one after it) we will probably change the defaults so that internal links (ie, those on the same domain) are not given clues by default, which will pretty much eliminate this particular problem, at a relatively low cost in terms of ease of use.