Rated 3 out of 5 stars

An interesting idea, but lacks some development. Appearance is pleasant, but functionality is defectuous: too obtrusive (cannot disable the statusbar icon or place it somewhere else), lacks control options (e.g. fade out time), takes long to load pages and frequently fails.

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 


Hi, thanks for the feedback, but I guess it's worth saying that other people tell us Interclue is somewhat *over* developed, so I guess it's about striking a balance. The status bar icon is a fairly obtrusive place for mounting the rather extensive set of options, which does include (under Interclue Options|Advanced|Clueviewer-Activation, an option for "clueviewer hide delay", which is the fade out time control you're looking for. Sorry it isn't more obvious but with so many options we can't really bring them all to the fore. On that same options panel you can control the timeout which may be useful if you frequent pages that often take a long time to load. We'll also try to provide an option to move the status bar icon to the toolbar in a future version, or even remove it, although we would then need to find another way to rapidly disable interclue on a specific site, which currently can only be done via that status bar icon menu. Also if there are sites where you're having specific problems with Interclue please report them to us via the built in feedback reporter, we are currently working on an upgraded set of preview functions and can always use more test cases.