Good extension, feature rich but Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Very good extension, very innovative, wide range of features, plenty of settings to fool around, ?crashing on its weight.
This extension caused problem with memory recovery.
Advice for a try as the only extension enabled and look for memory leak and recovery.
I enabled this on Firefox3.0 with Nightly tester tester tools, still leaking memory.
Best of luck

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Interclue is better than the alternatives.

Try this for an experiment: Do a google search to get a random 10 links. Then Check your memory usage.

Now open those 10 external links in a new tab, closing each tab after opening it, or try viewing them in another preview product, Cooliris. Check the memory usage after you have done this. Now restart firefox and repeat the experiment with Interclue.

You will find that although the memory usage in each case has increased, that Interclue will increase the memory footprint by much less than the alternatives.
It seems that Firefox makes some odd decisions about when to release memory back to the system, and it can appear to be quite memory hungry after extended use, and I believe they're working on this for the FF3 release.

If anyone finds a case where Interclue causes an increase in memory usage greater than simply opening the previewed page in a new tab, or previewing it in cooliris, we would be very interested to hear about that.

We can be contacted at support AT interclueDOTcom, or using the extensive built in feedback system, and that is the best way to contact us with performance issues or bugs, rather than posting here where we have no way to contact you back and ask for more details or point you to some useful options (Interclue does have a cache-level setting that has a small effect on long-term memory usage, for instance).