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  • This was most why i use Firefox now i prefer chrome with ez view ad on.
  • Lazarus Form Recovery... Please, reborn!
  • This extension was the one reason I liked firefox. It deserves the highest rating.
    I hope they can get it working with quantum (which I DO NOT like!)
  • I think it's great. Shows whats behind the link. Will there be a version for Firefox 57?
  • I'm running Cyberfox ver 52 and this works great, ignore the firefox proclomation of "not supported" I downloaded it with flashgot and installed it manually. It works great so far just hover over a link and a button will show up, hover over the button and a page thumbnail will open with the info. Thanks for an awesome extension
  • Do you plan a version for FF57?
    Or on the site there is already a similar application for Firefox 57 !?
  • Das Add-on ist IHMO kein echter Ersatz für "CoolPreviews", was in Win/FF von Mozilla geblockt wird. Dann sind die "Options" only in english und so extrem vollgepackt, dass der sog. unbedarfte User schnell die Lust verlieren kann. Hinzu kommt, dass in diesem Labyrinth noch ein kleiner aber feiner Link zu Amazon installiert und angebl. anonymisierte Benutzerdaten erhoben, gesammelt und "nachhause" geschickt werden. NATÜRLICH können diese Schmankerls deaktiviert werden, angeblich! Aber aufgrund des doch erheblichen Umfangs des Add-ons-Quelltextes kann dies durchaus bezweifelt werden. So etwas hackt kein Hobby-Nerd mal ebenso in die Tastatur! Vom verwirrenden Layouts des Vorschau-POPUPS ganz zu schweigen.
    Nun hat die deutsche Community das Add-on "CoolPreviews" übersetzt und signiert. So wird es nicht von FF in Win geblockt!!! SUPER! https://www.camp-firefox.de/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=91768
  • I was looking for a replacement for 'Coolpreviews' after Yahoo allowed it to die - this add-on is no help in that regard.

    More worryingly, no links back to the parent site work, and attempting to send feedback tells me that "the server sent an invalid response".
    Uninstalling - Firefox & Mozilla, perhaps you should check whether this is really a safe script for your users . . .
  • At first glance this extension looks like a possible replacement for CoolPreviews, which is now blocked by Firefox. (Why o why am I not allowed to decide for myself whether an extension is trustworthy or not?)

    It isn't. Actually it's quite useless IMHO. I've tried all the settings and tested it with numerous sites, but for me it adds little or nothing. Sometimes I can actually read parts of a target page but mostly I only see useless gibberish. How difficult is it to include the possibility to actually view the page?

    There are two reasons why I chose Firefox over Chrome. One of them was CoolPreviews for which an alternative exists in Chrome: the extension "ezLinkPreview" (which is actually better, believe it or not). The other one is the incredibly smart possibility to attach keywords to bookmarks so you can invoke them using your keyboard only.

    As I just found out there's an alternative for that too in Chrome: the extension "Bookmark Keyword". Guess I'll be switching to Chrome.
  • If you don't like this app and mark it "removed" it will stay active and keep showing its icon.
  • Information is Power
  • Not even very close. As popular as Cooliris was you would think it would have stayed or a good replacement would have appeared. Pretty lame Firefox, every time I update it creates more problems. bs
  • Has potential, but agree, not a good coolpreview replacement, just want to be able hover over an shopping item or link , and get a full link details without a bunch of other junk like I keep getting with this addon.
    With so many useless addons these days,Cannot understand why there are no other Firefox (Preview Link) addons similiar to the defunct Cool preview?
    This addon appears to be the closest thing found, but nothing works on the support or contact for feedback etc, no email or anything, so it appears the developer has given up, and no longer cares about this one. Bummer!
  • 预览页面无法看视频,其他都好
  • it has only a summary-option, which means it only loads the text, formatting etc get messed up. You mostly cant really understand what the page looks like. and for pictures there a far better addons.

    this is not a alternative to CoolPreviews which actually opened the site as is.
  • Dieses Add-on arbeitet nur in FF für Windows, nicht in Linux Mint/Ubuntu.

    This add-on works only in FF for Windows, not in Linux Mint/Ubuntu.
    What a pity!
  • When active; when the mouse goes over a page link, the page info changes from showing ownership information to "website does not supply ownership information."

    Also, the support links on this page are no good.
  • great Addon, works fine in FF 43, thanks !
  • Добрый день. Дополнение возможно и отличное. Оно даёт представление о части предварительно просматриваемой веб-страницы.Но хотелось бы иметь полное представление о просматриваемой странице, как было в CoolPreviews.
  • very good, but summary preview sometimes lacks clickable buttons, or window to write a comment etc.
    It would be great to have an optional FULL WEBPAGE PREVIEW (with all the content) like a mini browser indeed, in some cases summary preview is not enough.
    thanks a lot,
  • I don't know how i would surf web without it. It is not perfect but it is indispensable! Plese check why this site does not show the icon by the links: inliniedreapta.ro
  • I know the rules state problems shouldn't be submitted via reviews, but the support site no longer exists.

    As far as I can tell Interclue works perfectly through FFox33 - and I consider it to be one of the half-dozen most important addons I use. It probably saves me an hour/day to say nothing of reducing the mousing my poor RSS fingers endure.

    However, starting in FFox34, the icon option that pops up next to a link - and on which one clicks if one wants a preview - no longer appears reliably. (Indeed, it would be more accurate to say that it very rarely appears, at least on all the different web pages I use it on.) It is still possible to use Interclue by changing the option from "icon" to "link", but the problem there is timing. If you make the "time until the preview appears" too short, it will appear whenever one hovers, no matter how briefly, over every link and even every tab. If one makes it too long, so that it doesn't appear all the time, it means waiting when one wants a preview.

    I've tried unsuccessfully to contact the developer. I do not know his situation, but if anybody can reach him, please do so.

    Alternatively, maybe a developer would be interested in taking over the project. This is truly an exceptional addon.
  • Interclue is simply awesome & in so many ways. The Options section is good - but here's a suggested addition: let us toggle the background transparency on the icon.
    When I right-click the statusbar icon, the choices appear on a transparent background, often making them difficult to see.

    Thanks for the great add-on :)
  • was great, but it works no more in FF 36.0, sadly !
    Please, please, do something.
  • As of Firefox 34.0 — but possibly earlier — Interclue is no longer working at all. That is to say, the icon to preview the link doesn't appear, rendering the add-on unusable.

    I would also like to second Dan's suggestion for nested previewing.