Privacy Policy

The Interclue Privacy Policy, 27 Dec 2007
1. General Principles
Interclue Ltd has complete respect for your right to both privacy and
security, and we believe that civilised people do not spy on other people's
browsing habits.
2. Anonymity
Use of the Interclue Addon is 100% anonymous. We collect no personally
identifiable information, and we do zero tracking of what pages you see
and click.

3. Daily Update Check
The daily update check advises you of any new available Interclue versions. It can be
disabled in the options under "Advanced|Updates". As part of the update
check, a unique ID is submitted to the server. We use the
unique ID so that we can track the number of active addons. The ID is
randomly generated and contains no user identifiable data. As part of
the update check, anonymous statistics may be submitted regarding
features used and time saved, but this information is used only in
aggregate form to help us determine how much time Interclue saves
people and which options are found most and least useful. Even though
this is completely anonymous, you can opt out on the privacy panel in
the options.
4. No proxying.
Interclue does not operate a proxy service. All summary data comes direct
from the target site. Eventually we will provide a proxy service, this will
also be optional, and we will maintain it with the utmost possible level of
privacy protection.
5. No recording.
The Interclue browser addon does not record or transmit any information
regarding the websites you visit back to us, except in the case of
information you submit with a bug report, and we will only ever use that
information in the process of addressing the bug you have reported.
6. No spam.
The Interclue team hates, loathes and despises spam. We do not require
you to give us your email address, and we will never send you unsolicited
email. If you subscribe to one of our discussion or announcement mailing
lists, unsubscribing will be just as easy.
7. Optional Use of Live 3rd Party Metadata.
In order to provide you with valuable third-party metadata, it is necessary
to send the URL you are interested in to the metadata provider. Interclue
does not submit any personally identifiable information along with this,
but the metadata provider may be using their own cookies in some cases.
These providers are separated out on the metaclue options tab, and any site
that is on your "private" list (which by default includes secure sites and
local internet IP addresses) does not have URLs submitted to third-party
metadata services.
8. Our website.
We log information regarding usage of our website, as do most websites,
but again this is anonymous data.
9. Evolution.
Interclue is an evolving product. By installing the add-on, you agree to the
terms of this Privacy Policy as it may be amended from time to time. We
cannot email you when the terms change, because we do not collect your
email addresses, but we will announce it on our blog and elsewhere, make
a note in the changelog, and update the date on the policy, which is also
available on the "About" tab of the options dialog in the Interclue Addon.

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