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  • Works ok, but sadly desirable functionality is by paid monthly subscription...
  • Aucun réglage à faire. Sélectionner le texte faites un clic droit et c'est parti très simple à utiliser. Une bonne alternative à mon lecteur d'écran car je suis malvoyant. Pas besoin de sélectionner la langue cible. Merci
  • So far the best with natural voice.
  • Ne lit pas comme un robot au point du module intégré de Firefox.
  • ohne Anmeldung(Goo, face) funktioniert nicht
  • Doesn't actually play audio. Also requires monthly subscription.

    Useless as-is.
    Hi, sorry to hear that and thank you for your comment! We are constantly working on the improvement of our product and we test it before uploading to any of our stores. Do you mind describing what exactly doesn't work and how you are trying to play the audio? It could help us a lot in identifying and solving the problem.
    About the monthly subscription: every our user gets free listening time every month but if our user wants more listening time, we have two plans with annual and monthly subscriptions. The platform Intelligent Speaker works on is not free and we do our best to minimize our users' costs, that is why we charge the minimum, to cover our own costs.
  • muy buena extensión, me gustaría que lea directamente sobre la selección de texto y luego preguntar si la salvamos, realmente muy útil, gracias por dejarme opinar. abrazo
  • Beautiful and intelligent!
  • Отличное дополнение к моей работе. Рекомендую!
  • Very pleasant and naturally sounding voices. Reading speed can be increased or decreased.
  • requires login
  • Nice app! The best I've used so far. Great job!
    Thank you!
  • Requires a signup and login with a third party website before any functionality is available.
    About third party website for signup - we use authentication service from AWS. Signup with Google is easy - no password required. You can see available functionality in the video on our website. Yes we understand that nobody loves to create new accounts, maybe in the future we will consider guest accounts.
  • 100% Satisfied
  • Читает хорошо, но не всегда, непонятно как заставить озвучить выделенный текст, и диалоги ненужные, окна лишние.
    Как-то минималестичнее надо. Выделил текст и через контекстное меню запустил озвучивание.
    Добрый день, какие вы имеете в виду ненужные диалоги и лишние окна?
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