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  • Best addon ever for Gmail. Does everything promised and more. Supports every Google app and even custom iframes. Support is very fast.
  • Great addon for people who use a lot of Google apps. I can have all of my Google apps in one Firefox tab.
  • Good Addon, works as described!
  • Great extension. This is great. Just one enhancement request.

    Any chance that you can add a option, that people can disable, that when you expand one section it auto closes other sections.

    Great job. Keep up the good work.
  • I tested this after a friend recommended it as an alternative the Gmail manager addon that I use. It's very good and overall was very happy with it.
  • I understand that you can display inboxes of multiple Gmail accounts on the same page using "Integrated Gmail". How do you achieve that ?
    You can display multiple inboxes form the same account not multiple accounts. If this is what you want to do, then you need to turn on the Multiple Inboxes Lab in GMail Labs. This will add a new tab to the GMail Settings pane. You must change the settings once to however you want them to be and then reload. You can customize how the inboxes are split by going to Tools->Integrated Gmail and clicking Mail. Enjoy!
  • I like the idea of this addon. Unfortunately, it's causing the loading progress bar in the statusbar to constantly flash, which is so distracting I'm forced to disable the addon. I'm not sure what it's trying to load once or twice per second after my mail and calendar are all there (Reader is disabled). Aside from this issue, it does what it's supposed to, and I would use it.
  • Though it does add slightly to page load times, that's pretty understandable, since it adds more to the page. This is a wonderful addon that cuts down significantly on the number of tabs I have to keep open and the amount of time I have to spend switching between them. If you have a problem, don't hesitate to email the developer. He'll respond quickly, and will probably be able to help you with just about anything.

    Ask him any question you may have before you post a negative review; that's what I did and now it'll be a positive ;)
  • I love the ability to have calendar and gmail on the same page! With this add-on and Remember the Milk for Gmail, I have a one stop setup to rival Outlook.
    It may slow loading down a bit, but not much, and it's worth the slight delay in my book.
    I suggest only enabling the things you actually use. For my purposes, I don't need Google Reader, or Picasa, so I don't bother with them. It's highly configurable, and really well done! I love it!
  • Love it!
  • how to add google tasks to integrated gmail?
  • After getting the latest NoScript Developers build, and setting noscript.frameOptions.parentWhitelist to "mail.google.com", it WORKS!!!

    I take back my previous "complaint". :)
  • This add-on is fantastic! I love being able to have all my Google items on one page in a nice, seamless environment. I have this app combined with Gmail Redesigned and it looks INCREDIBLE.

    I know we're not supposed to list any issues here, but the ONLY gripe I have with it is that Google Calendar is not displaying, and the developer is working with me on this issue right now. Apparently it has something to do with NoScript, so it's not really a problem with this software in the first place.

    The point is, that I got VERY quick support from the developer himself - thanks!

    Very well done!
  • I use Google Calender, Google Reader, and Gmail (obviously) for business and personal use every hour of the day that I'm awake. Integrated Gmail 2.1.1 takes a few clicks out of my way and makes it easier for me to get on task. Excellent work!
  • With more and more data available to us all, solutions like "Integrated Gmail" make lives like mine a lot easier.

    Tabbed browsing has always been the best way to organize info for me and this is just another great way of doing it. Thanks Mike!
  • Works great, really practical and easy to use, but it generates a problem on facebook apps when resizing the size of an iframe.
  • I tried to add Google Docs as a custom entry, however when it loads, Google Docs redirects Gmail so that Google Docs is the only wbesite loaded. Damn! So, it would be greatly appreciated it 1) you can include Google Docs as an option or 2) convince Google to change Google Docs so that it doesn't override Gmail.

    I noticed that sometimes this add-on doesn't load after Gmail has loaded. After refreshing Gmail, the add-on does its mojo. I'm using FF 3.5.2 and version 2.0.1 of this add-on.

    Tx a mil for this time saver :D
  • I love Integrated Gmail- great idea! I do wish that there were tabs at the tops for the things I'm integrating, however. I don't like scrolling to my calender or reader- I'm lazy and want to pop there by clicking on a tab :)
  • No flame today!! After DAYS of frustration, I've finally gotten this to work. I have a laptop with a 12 inch screen and a new netbook. Obviously real estate is key for me. I actually just wanted to be able to show/hide gmail's sidebar and I love this plugin for that and more. HOWEVER, running this caused my CPU utilization to skyrocket. With my personal email and my google app mail open, it typically sat at 70% and spent a lot of time max'd out. My laptop was as hot as the surface of the sun and battery life dropped by 50% or more. Then I found GTDInbox - installed it (but didn't set it up) I haven't used any of the features of GTDInbox yet, but for some reason it has mellowed out Integrated Gmail. With both accounts open, my CPU averages maybe 10% with spikes in the 40's - I am more than pleased to finally be able to utilize this great tool without fear of spontaneous combustion! Thanks and keep up the superb work.
  • I love it..but...for me it slows down Gmail to an absolute crawl,with the Reader side of things being even worse.

    It's a great idea,but sadly just slows things down too much for me.

  • Wow, very well done but just every so slightly off great for me, my only objection is that with the Gmail sidebar, the other applications have to make do with a much reduced width, where as with out the sidebar, Gmail doesn't have one in its collapsible box. Please change it so Gmail's sidebar is inside its collapsible box, I'll be waiting expectantly for a reinstall...
  • It's nice having Gmail and the full blown (as opposed to the mobile gadget) Google Voice all on one page. For those that are still at v2.0.1, look for native support soon. ;-)

    Also, Michael solved an Integrated Gmail and iGoogle Chat conflict in no time flat. Kudos for that too!
  • very well done, just discovered this. Why doesn't Google offer this as a default?
  • Get this for your Firefox browser if you use Gmail. A must have tool.
  • This is a fantastic add-on that saves me tons of time every day. Our corporate e-mail is hosted on Google Apps and I can't imagine having to work without this plugin.

    On top of that, the developer is incredibly helpful and responsive. This is definitely a "must-have" add-on for Gmail users.